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Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flower and Poms

Pom Poms

How to make your own tissue paper pom poms

My daughter-in-law Ashley made tissue paper flowers, or poms, to decorate for Tawni’s baby shower, my other daughter-in-law. Click HERE [1]to see the post.¬† Ashley did this tutorial with me so you can make them too.

 These poms are so easy and a very inexpensive way to decorate for many occasions. They could be used for bridal or baby showers, a birthday party, a mom and daughter or daddy daughter activity, a bedroom, or even made up using school colors for the dinner or get-together before or after a high school dance!
The sky is the limit!

Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flower & Poms

10 sheets of tissue paper per pom/flower
Thin wire
Wire cutters

Lay all 10 pieces of tissue paper on top of each other.
Fold up, all sheets together, about 1″

Fold accordion style, back and forth; again at about 1″ per fold.Continue folding accordion style all the way to the end of the tissue paper.Cut a piece of wire about 12″Wrap the wire around the folded tissue paper, keeping it flat, do not bunch.

Twist the wire, then fold it on top of itself to tuck in ends of wire and to secure tissue paper together.Cut end into a ‘V’
Cut other end so both are a ‘V’ shape.

Fan out sides.Pull ONE sheet of tissue up to the middle.
Pull ONE sheet of tissue on the OPPOSITE side up to the middle.Continue this step, gently pulling up one side; then alternating to the other side.

When all the sides are lifted and pulled up, shape and form it to even out any open spots.For a smaller pom, again use 10 sheets of tissue and cut it in half.As directed above make 1/2″ folds, accordion styleSecure with wire, trim the ends to a ‘v’, then begin to pull the tissue to the center, alternating sides.And there you have a small flower or pom!Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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