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Wasabi Frame

Washi Tape Frame

My sweetie Stan was so accommodating to help me with this tutorial that is just for you.

What a TERRIFIC gift that is so simple and inexpensive.

Personalize this frame for Mother’s Day, a baby shower, Father’s Day, a bridal shower/wedding gift (wedding colors and for the embellishment put the name or first letter), graduation gift (the year and school colors), the uses are endless!

Washi Tape Covered Frame
Any wooden frame, I found this at the craft store on sale for about $3
Washi Tape – there are tons of colors and prints. I bought this 2 tape set, again for about $3 on sale. *note: these 2 little rolls covered this frame.
A stationary card set, a dozen gift tags and I still have some left. It goes much further than you’d expect.
Xacto Knife & cutting board
Mod Podge Sponge Brush
Decorative flowers or embellishments
Hot Glue & GunFrame 1

Evenly place tape across the frame If using another pattern of tape, place it directly next to the other strip of tape Continue this method all the way across the frame, using care to keep straight lines Frame 2

Until the surface is completely coveredFrame 4

Lay the frame upside down on a cutting board and with the Xacto knife, carefully trim the inside. Frame 5

And outside edges of excess tape along frame edgesFrame 6

Until it is all trimmed.Frame 7

Lay your frame, right-side up on a paper towel and with a foam sponge brush spread an even coat over the entire tape covered frame and a bit on the edge. This will protect the surface and keep the tape from coming up.Frame 8

When the Mod Podge has dried completely, embellish as desired. I used a hot glue gun to attach flowers.Wasabi Frame

Thank you Stan for helping me with this awesome tutorial!
Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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