DIY Summer Bird Feeders

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DIY Summer Bird Feeders
Kids DIY Homemade bird feeders and Binoculars

DIY Summer Bird Feeders

Here BIRDIE, birdie!

Spring is here and time to get out and enjoy the season as friends and family. 

I have simple binoculars the kids can make out of toilet paper rolls to go bird watching.

Also EASY and FUN bird feeders to bring the feathered friends to your yard that the kids can make as a family activity, or craft time.  You’ll love how easy they come together.  Then watch all the different kinds of birds that come to eat. 

While making the bird feeders and binoculars take the opportunity to teach about the different types of birds that are in your area.  You could look at the library, or pictures on the internet to show pictures, flight patterns to older kids and really have some FUN!  



Cheerio Chain Bird Feeder


  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Cherrios
  • Ribbon, yarn or string

 Directions: Have children thread cheerios onto pipe cleaner, leaving room to twist ends together to form a circle. Repeat, except loop through other circle before twisting ends, forming a link.

Do as many links as desired. Tie a ribbon, yarn or string onto an end loop and hang.

DIY Summer Bird Feeders

Bagel Bird Feeder 

( from:  The National Audubon Society)

Materials: • stale bagels • peanut butter • bird seed • string or yarn

Tie yarn or string around the bagel.

Slather stale bagel with peanut butter.

Roll in birdseed.

Hang from a tree.

TIPS: • Place your bird feeders in places that aren’t too windy, have good cover nearby, and minimize other hazards. 

Fill your bird feeders with the amount of food that can be eaten in 2-3 days. 

Keep your feeders and feeding area clean by raking up spilled seed under them and wiping off permanent feeders.

Provide water at your feeding area. Place a clay saucer that’s at least 24 inches on a low stump or on the ground, and fill it with about 1 1/2 inches of water.

Refill it every few days.

DIY Summer Bird Feeders        

 Bird Watching Binoculars

Gather up some empty toilet paper rolls, or cut paper towel rolls into segments. 

Glue rolls together.

1-punch holes

2- tie with string

3- paint or use stickers

4- go bird watching!

DIY Summer Bird Feeders
Bird Watching Binoculars

I did some shopping for you and to make it easier you can click on these titles and go to the products


Kids Craft Bird House to build together

Kids Bird Watching Binoculars 

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  1. arianna says

    Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!

  2. Leilani says

    How fun my boys will love making these binoculars. My three year old is obsessed with them!

    1. Carrie Groneman says

      THANKS so much for stopping by and I’m adding to that particular post and putting it up Friday! I really appreciate your compliment.

  3. Shirley Wood says

    These are great ideas to do with the children. Love those binoculars! Pinning!! Stopping by from Family Fun Friday. Shirley @Intellligent Domestications.

  4. Katherines Corner says

    love all of this my friend ! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥

  5. Kimberly says

    The bird feeder looks so fun to make! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

  6. Jillian @ Baby Doodah! says

    I LOVE the cheerio bird feeder idea. My mom loves bird watching in her back yard, and this would be the perfect addition to her many MANY bird feeders. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines says

    Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us on Four Seasons Blog Hop! My grandson will love the binoculars. Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  8. Tasha says

    Will definitely be doing the cheerio bird feeder and binoculars soon! Schools are in for just one more week here and the kids are going to LOVE doing these…especially since they spend so much time outdoors. Just gotta save up enough toilet paper rolls first!

  9. Connie says

    My great grand kidlets aka Carrie’s grand kidlets made me and Grandpa Bert the bagel bird feeders and the birds loved them.
    We had a fun time watching them pecking at them till they was gone .

  10. Diane Roark says


    We have so many birds at our house and I do not have a bird feeder. I need one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Erin says

    These are great ideas!!!! Thank you!

  12. Ashley says

    They’re so cute! I love the cheerio rings! and I love bananas with chocolate! Thanks for linking up at the Merry Monday link party, Carrie! See you next week? Sharing your post on Twitter!

  13. Sherry says

    What a wonderful idea. I bet my grand kids would love this too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday.

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