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DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes

DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes


DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes

This DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes craft is so fun and easy too!
Using inexpensive tennis or canvas shoes and a little bit of Rit dye, you can make these Ombre fashion shoes easily.
It’s a great teen or youth craft, a girls activity, or to spruce up your summer wardrobe.
A quick way to re-purpose stained shoes too!
For a twist on shoes, you might like these Rag Tie Flip Flops.  They are really quick and great for summer. 

 DIY Hombre Dyed Tennis Shoes

Pair of tennis shoes
Rit Dye
Foam Sponge Brush
Paper towels for stuffing in the shoe
Plastic bags and paper towels to protect working surface

Have 3 small bowls filled with water.
I added approx. 1 1/2 tsp. of dye to the first
1/2 tsp to the second bowl
And a few drops to the third bowl.
You can always add more dye and go over the shoe again to make it darker. However, if you start out too dark on the shoe, you can’t go back:)
Take out the shoe laces.
Fill a sink with warm water and a little dish soap.
Swish and the wash shoes in the sink.DIY Ombre Shoes 1
Rinse really well. This gets the coating off so it will soak up the dye.DIY Ombre Shoes 3
Dab off with a clean towel.DIY Ombre Shoes 4

Cover the side soles of the shoes with Vaseline; this prevents any dye from staining the rubber sole portion.
Caution: Where ever there is Vaseline, the dye will not stickDIY Ombre Shoes 5
Stuff the shoes with paper toweling to help absorb any dye that seeps through.

Working with damp shoes, begin with the darkest color and using the foam sponge, test a small amount on the furthest inside part of the tongue of the shoe to see if you need to adjust the color.

If you are satisfied with the color, begin with the toe of the shoe and sponge on the darkest color on the third portion of the shoe.

 *Use brush strokes, not a harsh ending of the color, for the next color to begin which will allow for more even blending.

Next test the medium color on the next section of the tongue of the shoe. If satisfied, blending into the darker color, using brush stroke effect, paint the middle section of the shoe.

 Lastly, test the palest color on the tongue. Again make any necessary adjustments and brush the dye onto the heel portion of the shoe, again blending into the medium color. DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes

Dip one third of the shoe laces into the palest dye bowl. Dip the other third into the darkest bowl. Allow it to dry on paper towels.

These colors show darker than I used, go lighter on the dyeDIY Ombre Shoes 7

 The colors will be a bit darker while wet. DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes

When the shoes are completely dried, wipe off all of the Vaseline and take the paper towels out of the shoe.

 Optional: Spray shoes with a waterproof spray to help keep dye from possibly bleeding onto your feet.

DIY Ombre Dyed Tennis Shoes

Dyed tennis shoes using rit dye making them ombre style

 Thread laces through the holes and tie. There you have it, a custom hombre dyed pair of shoes!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2019

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