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DIY Hair Bow and Clips for Girls

Hair Bows

Hair Bows

These are the cutest hair bows!  They are adorable for babies, little girls and even big girls.  You say you can’t sew? No worries, this is a no-sew tutorial.  If you can handle a glue gun you will be just fine.  Also, this is a perfect way to get rid of all that scrap fabric.

Hair Bows




Hair Clip

Glue Gun


Step #1 –    Cut one piece  of fabric 6″ x 10″, which will be the bow


Step #2 –    Cut a piece of fabric 1  1/2″ x 4″, which will be the strip in the middle of the bow

Step #3 –   Fold the 6″ x 10″ fabric over 2″, then fold it again so its three layers thick, 2″ total.Step #4 –   Glue it down and cut off the extra so the edges look nice.

Step #5 –   Fold each end into the middle with one overlapping the other so you can glue it in place. This will help the outside edges look finished.

Step #6 –   Now pinch the middle of the fabric so you create three little folds. Place a small dot of glue in between each fold to hold them in place.Step #7-   Using the small strip of fabric, repeat steps above. Your strip will now be 1/2″ x 4″.Step #8 –  Use this skinny strip to wrap around the middle of the bow. Cut off the excess and glue it in place.

Step #9 – Glue the hair clip to the back of the bow. Gluing both ends of the clip to the bow with give it more stability and help it to not flop around. Step #10 –  Clip off all excess threads.  Be sure to remove all excess glue strings for a nice hair clip.

TIPS: Do not use too much glue, just small drops of glue as it doesn’t take much to hold the fabric together, and too much glue will result in a sloppy looking bow.

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