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Drink Graduation Card

Drink Graduation Card

Have you been bombarded by graduation announcements? Need something inexpensive, unique and fun? I have the perfect solution for you!!! 

My very good friend Dorothy took a creative twist on the Sweet Thinking of You card and made a GRADUATION CARD out of it! YES she DID! Inside the tube you can either put a PROPEL Drink Mix, then write inside: I know YOU will Propel to the TOP. OR if you want to do something more, you can roll up MONEY* and slip it inside the tube!

It’s not complicated or hard, and Dorothy walks you through step-by-step, so click on over and let’s get started!

Graduation Gift Card

1 – 8 ½ “ X 5 ½ “ cardstock
2 – small brads
1 – 4” X 5 ¼” printed paper
Small hole punch
These measurements are for a PROPEL DRINK MIX or money:
1 – 3 ½ “ X 11” cardstock
1 – 1” X 3 ¾” cardstock
1 – 3” X 5” printed paper
1 – 3’ x 4 ¼” coordinating printed paper Scissors or paper cutter
1 – PROPEL drink mix packet or Money* to roll up and place in the tube
Cut out all pieces.
Fold cardstock in halfDrink Graduation Card 1Glue 4” X 5 ½” on front of card centering it.Drink Graduation Card 2On the back of the 4” X 5” piece of paper mark the center on the 4” sideDrink Graduation Card 3

Use the round punch and make a small notch on the center markDrink Graduation Card 4Run glue down the 5” edge. (only about ¼” wide)Drink Graduation Card 5Overlap the other side and glue into a tubeDrink Graduation Card 6Flatten the tube so that the notch is centeredDrink Graduation Card 7

Run glue down the center back and then one on each side. *If using money I would suggest gluing the BOTTOM end of the tube (without the rounded circle punched cut) so the money cannot fall out. Drink Graduation Card 8Glue on the card at an angle. Drink Graduation Card 9Slide PROPEL drink mix into tube OR the rolled up MONEY*Drink Graduation Card 10Print your greeting and glue onto 1” X 4” cardstock (I used catsup 18)   Shows wording for sweetens your day, but change it as directed for a graduate as shown at beginning of tutorial.Drink Graduation Card 11

Hold the paper over drink mix or money in the tube and punch holes for the brads.Drink Graduation Card 12Drink Graduation Card 13You will need to use an awl on the left side, as it is difficult to reach with a paper punch. Drink Graduation Card 14Put the brads in place, easy peasy and ready to gift! Drink Graduation Card 15
Place in the PROPEL drink mix OR rolled up money*, write in the card to personalize it, and there you have a very appreciated and unique gift!

*If you choose to put in money, I would secure it with a fancy paperclip, or glue the bottom of the tube so it will not fall out, as I mentioned above.

Graduation DIY Card

Graduation DIY Card

Created by Stan Groneman, Adapted by Dorthy for a graduation card, Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2016

Click HERE for the original post featuring drink mixes to cheer someones day.
Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


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