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DIY Easy Way to Freeze Peppers

Easily freeze all types of peppers

It’s easy to freeze peppers and so economical

Peppers of all types are proliferate right now in the gardens, easily available at farmer’s markets or very inexpensive in the grocery stores. Take advantage and store up for the winter. Here are several ideas of how to freeze and use them later on.


You can freeze as shown here. It is important to seed and pat dry after washing or the peppers will be covered in frost after freezing, which can change the taste and color. However, if you are in a hurry, and later find there is a layer of ‘snow’ on your peppers, just rinse, pat dry and use. Use freezer bags and DOUBLE bag for storage.Another option is to chop up the peppers and spread out in a single layer on plastic wrap in a pan or cookie sheet.

Place the pan in the freezer for 10-30 minutes and they will appear as pictured below


Place frozen pepper pieces in freezer zip lock bags and DOUBLE bag.

Immediately place bags in freezer or the pepper will defrost and then be a big chunk when frozen.

These will stay in individual pieces and easy to use if done this way. For jalapeno, Anaheim peppers, Thai and other hot and spicy peppers, I have froze them whole, with the seeds and intact  right after washing.

When working with hot peppers of this type, wear disposable gloves! Also, the ‘heat’ is in the seeds and vein of the pepper.

Another option is to seed, half, or dice.I very rarely defrost the bell or hot peppers before using them.

I use them frozen, right from the freezer to dice, chop or any other cooking method I need a pepper for.

Enjoy and make the most of the bounty!

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