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Clock Makeover

Clock Makeover

We have a fabulous way to dress up an area on your wall that is inexpensive, easy and quick.
Notice how Ashley used the Chargers/Place Mats/Large Coaster to fill space and add interesting character.

DIY Clock Makeover
Frogger Tape works best. Ashley tried the blue kind shown here, but much prefers Green Frog Tape.
Spray paint: Ashley prefers Valspar or Krylon brands
Several tacks with raised head


Tape newspaper onto mirror, using care to get the paper and tape into the corners. (Frog tape preferred after using another brand)Clock Makover 1Ashley’s Handy trick: Push tacks along the length, every 3-5 inches. This allows the frame to balance on the tack head in a raised position, allowing paint to cover all edges of the frame. Painted area will not stick to the surface it is drying.Clock Makover 2Spray paint in even light coats in many directions for best coverage. Make sure to cover all edges well.Clock Makover 3

Take off the tape BEFORE the paint is completely dry and still tackyClock Makover 4Make sure edges are painted evenly.Clock Makover 5Now hang your clock!

Thank you Ashley for sharing your talent with us.

Click HERE for instructions on the chargers/large place mats

Clock Makeover 2

Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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