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Creative and fun ways to send gifts in the US postal mail

Unique and creative ways to send presents in the US postal service


It’s coming!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year and why not make it even more memorable.

Of course these ideas are for EVERYONE!

But I’m going to Encourage Grand Parents for a minute here:)

Being a Grandparent is marvelous, and yet we have to be creative sometimes to as we work to keep relationships strong, whether our grand kids live far or near.

Building the bond with grand kids if they are young or older might be difficult if we don’t see them as much as we’d like, or technology gets in the way of communication when visiting. Meaning the devices are a high priority.

Want to get their attention and have something to talk about?

Send them something in the mail!

And not just anything, but clever as I’ll show you and Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to open up this avenue for year round fun!



Did you know you can send items in the mail just as they are? 

I’m telling you, things you never thought you could mail in the snail mail — you can!

I have some cute and fun packaging ideas as well as making gift wrapping for family, friends, relatives anything but boring!

Watch my video for unique and creative ways to send presents in the US postal service and bring a smile not only the recipient, but you’ll be smilin too.

It’s so exciting as you wait for them to get their imaginative wrapped gift in the mail and then to see their response.


In my YouTube Video, I have TONS of ideas for:

  • WHAT to send
  • awesome ways of HOW to send these gifts and holiday presents
  • and to suggestions of WHO to send them to
  • simply click HERE

I LOVE sending fun things in the mail and the reaction I see when we SKYPE or WHATSAPP
to call excitedly to tell me ‘what’ they received in the mail – the response is priceless!



To find fun items at Dollar Tree like I did you can use my affiliate link HERE

They often have a flat shipping rate, which is so economical! Or have it all easily shipped to your local store for FREE!!!

The awesome thing is, if the item you want comes more to an order than you need, split it with a coworker, a neighbor, or a friend. They will love having their shopping done too. 



Here is a list of the items I used in the video if you’d like to check them out:

  • One of the ideas I show you in my video is a delish unique homemade White Hot Cocoa that is AMAZING and one of the most popular on my blog. I have a free recipe card in the Printable Library you can include with the White Hot Cocoa so your family and friends can make their own too! You’ll find the link in the post along with the super easy recipe HERE


  • Another free special recipe card I wanted to provide for you is my own SEASONING SALT. Then you can include it with the Seasoning Salt as you send it in the mail in a clever way. A fabulous gift for everyday use. You’ll find the recipe and the printable link HERE





Just be creative, look around and have some fun.

The person receiving your thoughtful and original gift will know how much you were thinking of them when  you put it all together.

And you will be so thrilled as you hear back the joy they had receiving the imaginative gift you sent them.

The joy really IS in the giving:)




FTC Disclosure Statement: I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2019
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  • PurpleSlob says:

    I love these ideas!! So cute, and economical!! No packaging needed!! The way for laZy people like me to mail! lol

  • Vicki says:

    I love the ideas for mailing without a box. How much do these items tend to cost when mailed? Most of my grandchildren live across the country so I am always looking for ways to save money on shipping while still sending them fun items, especially at Christmas. I send priority boxes on a regular basis but would love to save on postage.

    • Carrie Groneman says:

      Hello! I found it doesn’t cost more than if I put it in a regular box. Look for lighter items to ship and definitely lighter boxes or containers will help. It’s so fun and easy, especially this time of year. A Pair of socks in a plastic holiday themed container that’s small to medium shouldn’t be much. I haven’t found it expensive unless I get heavy items and a heavy container. Bath bombs, stickers, chapstick, etc, are very light. You might want to check out this post too And skip down to the slippers in the plastic container, the party in a bottle is really fun and light if you keep the gifts on the light side. Check with your postman for zip codes and weight to check it out. It’s so fun to do this once you get a hang of the items and containers in your range! THANKS for stopping by and I hope to hear how it went for you.

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