Does cooking frustrate you, but you'd like to learn?

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Cook delicious food right from the first recipe!

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Five Reasons to purchase Carrie's Cooking for Keeps

  • If the smoke alarm is your only indication that dinner is ready.
  • "Will it be MAC Donalds or MAC & Cheese tonight dear?"
  • If the question is: "Do we still own a MICROWAVE under all that stuff?"
  • If you have finally determined that the 'Kitchen Fairy" is a myth.
  • "What! different measuring cups for WET and DRY. . . Who knew?"
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From Carrie to you:

Cooking can feel like a juggling act. Many cook books show beautiful pictures of culinary perfection yet fail to really show the novice the secrets to success. For those wanting to learn how to cook, the trial and error can be annoying. I created my Cooking for Keeps for cooks at all levels of expertise. My step by step instructions with the pictures to show how it's done, makes preparing delicious food fun and easy. I believe that you will love the results and so will those you cook for.
"I am a homeschooling mom who has taken the time this summer to teach my kids a few cooking lessons from this cookbook. It is very easy to understand as well as use and is excellent for beginner cooks. The beginning section of this book contains a lot of useful info such as a description of common ingredients used, cooking terms and measurements. The book also includes cooking basics such as "how to choose and prepare eggs," "how to grease a pan without cooking spray," " how to choose tomatoes, apple's and avocados" just to name a few.

Some of my kids favorite recipes from this book are the French bread pizza, macho nachos and orange jelly salad. Although they love many other dishes in this book, those are their absolute favorites. I just love how enthusiastic they get when it's time for us to cook together. They love to help out in the kitchen and they also love knowing that they helped create whatever meal we are having that day.

If you want to get your children involved in meal prep then this most definitely the book for you. Or if you are wanting to learn how to cook yourself or already know how but need new recipes I would highly suggest that you try this cookbook. 5 stars all the way!"
L. Robinson

  • The ingredients are easy to find and you will learn all the basics, along with some really scrumptious impressive dishes to make for family and guests.
  • PDF Clickable Table of Contents and Indexes make this so fun and practical to use.
  • I have included step-by-step tutorial pictures and simple to follow recipes for your success.
  • Hurry to order this amazingly HUGE cookbook, Carrie's Cooking For Keeps, which is OVER 200 PAGES. And you will also receive my BONUS 50 PAGE Carrie's Best Cooking Tips & Tricks! BOTH are YOURS when you order here on this site.

With these two great books, you will have:

  • No More Frustration!
  • No more wasted ingredients!
  • No more hoping your meals will turn out edible!
Both of these books are available in .pdf only $14.99

Here are just a few more of the many happy customers that have purchased Carrie's Cooking For Keeps and LOVE It!

"Carrie’s Cooking For Keeps is a big hit in our family. The recipes and instructions are easy to follow and the food is always delicious. The “How To” section explains basic kitchen skills very well. The alfredo, taco soup, crock pot ribs and many of the treats are in regular rotation for my family meal planning. This book is very well-loved and all-used in my home. Thank you!"

Bethany M.
"I love Carrie's cookbook. I have never been great at cooking, so I love the step by step instructions, and pictures. All of the recipes that I have tried have become family favorites."

Julie G.
"My mom ordered Carrie's cookbook, " cooking for keeps" and I was at her house the day it came in the mail. We immediately looked through it and picked a recipe called " Mexican lasagna" to make for dinner. It was so yummy and has become a family favorite. Her recipes are so practical, made with ingredients that are easy to find. My mom has since ordered carries cookbook for everyone in our family. We love it!"

Rachel H.
"Even knowing basic cooking skills, this book gave me great tips and reminders to get better. This book is perfect for newlyweds, tired parents, and busy professionals. It is also a wonderful guide for teaching young people the basics of cooking. The book gives quick, simple recipes that taste delicious and don't take the whole night to prepare! I recommend this book for anyone who wants great recipes and useful cooking techniques."

I love Carrie's Cooking for Keeps! The recipes are simple and easy to follow. I appreciate how family friendly it is and that it's easy on the budget. The meals are delicious, my whole family will eat it. This book is very handy to have on busy weekdays when there's little time to cook. It includes a ton of recipes and I usually have all the ingredients on hand. The pictures are very helpful, it shows step by step. I'd recommend this book to any new or experienced cook. A great purchase and addition to any kitchen!


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I would like to give you a FREE recipe from
Carrie's Cooking For Keeps
AND a Handy Meat Temperature Guide
Get them HERE
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