Fill a shoe box with items for a child somewhere in the world

Christmas Shoe Box Service

Can YOU give a child Christmas In A Shoe Box This Year?

Fill a shoe box with items for a child somewhere in the world

Can YOU give a child Christmas In A Shoe Box This Year?

I haven’t heard about this organization, until this year when my daughter-in-law Tawni said that she and her family were participating in building a Shoe Box, so a child somewhere in the world could have Christmas who wouldn’t otherwise.

If you have followed my site, you know I am all about bringing JOY to others, so this was definitely something I wanted to look into.

As I read their site, what a great work SAMARITANSPURSE.ORG does all over the world!

At this time of year, we seem to naturally want to reach out and help others. However as Christmas draws closer with all the parties and craziness that comes, service sometimes get’s put on the back-shelf, despite our best intentions.

That is what’s PERFECT about THIS Shoe Box service opportunity!

You can do it alone, with your family, some friends, maybe a church or youth group, or even your co-workers.

It’s not expensive and guess what?  There’s even a very affordable option to do this on-line in about 5 minutes! 


See my YouTube video with my family doing the Shoe Box Project HERE


This is what you do:

1- Get a cardboard shoe box, any box about that size will do, even a plastic one with a lid, or they even have some available through

2- Choose a boy or a girl from the list, which then gives you ideas and suggestions and go shopping so you can fill the box. For more info, click HERE

3- At this LINK you will also find how to pack your box and all the details you need 


Now, what do you do?

You simply take it to the closet drop-off location which you can find HERE  (again, you can do this all on-line if that’s easier)


Some tips to keep in mind while filling your Christmas Shoe Box:

  • you cannot send any liquids, candy or gum.
  • everything has to be new, but you can take anything out of its packaging to save room
  • let your family be involved in choosing the age and gender of the child so they feel more involved and want to help
  • there’s an option for paying a small amount to have your box tracked to see which country it arrives in, not the child who is receiving the box for privacy protection, but you can know which country your box was opened in:)


You can see our video about this HERE

Thanks for the GOOD you do!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2018

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