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Balsamic Chicken & Strawberry Relish

Balsamic Chicken & Strawberry Relish

This chicken dish is AMAZING. The meat is tender and juicy. By marinating it in my balsamic glaze, it adds a wonderful depth and flavor to the chicken. By grilling, it gives a smokey essence to the dish.
Now to top it off, I created a Strawberry Relish to compliment and bring it to a gourmet level.
Come check out this fabulous recipe and make it up tonight. Click HERE


  • Diane Roark says:

    Good Morning! I am in love with strawberries this week. We have been twice to the farmer’s market to get some. You sweet strawberry relish with the smoky chicken sounds really delicious. I am sure the balsamic glaze tastes amazing with the strawberries too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my this looks so good and thinking the balsamic and strawberries make it sweet, but also so very rich. Totally want to try and thanks for sharing, Carrie 😉

  • Stephanie says:

    Perfect Summer meal!!! Thank you so much for linking up at Tasty Tuesday! Your recipe has been pinned to the Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board! Please join us again this week!

  • lisa @styles of cooking says:

    I have only just recently discover strawberry and balsamic and it’s so tasty. Lively dish. Popping by from Tasty Tuesdays

  • Diane Roark says:

    Hey lady,
    I am stopping by to add this amazing strawberry relish chicken to my strawberry roundup.
    Have a blessed day!

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