April 26, 2015

My Purpose Is –

Do you ever wonder if you can make a difference?  Does your life really matter in the grand scheme of things?  What is your unique […]
April 13, 2015

This isn't My Mommy – Being a Parent Can Be a Challenge….

Being a Parent CAN be a CHALLENGE! I had five kids in eight years and I wouldn’t change a thing.  They were, and have been […]
April 8, 2015

The Envy Monster

Ok, so do you ever hear good news that happened for someone else and instead of thinking, ‘That’s so AWESOME for them’ think, ‘Geez I […]
April 5, 2015

1 Foot Or Both?

Don’t you hate that auto spell check thing on your phone and how annoying it is?  You know, how it can change what you intended […]
March 26, 2015
Wedding couple

How Do You Choose A Spouse?

For this post, I am suggesting ideas of how to choose a spouse: What do you look for? What qualities should there be? What traits […]
March 5, 2015

Is There Enough?

 Do you have difficult times?  Have you been in situations when you feel like you are smothering, or that you can hardly breathe? When you […]
February 5, 2015

Consequences ARE Necessary

Consequences In my novel A Mother’s Shadow the main character did not stop a situation and someone was hurt.  I believe as a parent one […]
February 2, 2015

Do What's Right

Have you ever known someone else was going to do harm or damage and turned a blind eye because possibly You didn’t want them to […]