Kids with Beans

Playtime with Dry Beans and Small Vehicles

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Kids with Beans

Beans & Car Indoor Playtime

This is the BEST way to help expend energy, use creative juices, and have some entertainment without technology.
It’s so easy to have on hand and quick to pull out any time.
If your grandkidlet is stuck inside and driving the family crazy, has been sick, or maybe had surgery, how about sending one or two of these fun items so they can all have a bit of relaxation and know you are thinking of them!  A bit of chocolate for the mom or dad too wouldn’t be a bad idea also:) See how to send it in a fun way HERE:

Playtime with Dry Beans & Small Vehicles

I keep dry beans in a bag, then pull them out and pour them in a shallow box, or containers like these.
I also have construction vehicles and small cars for them to drive through or build in the beans.
When they are done I just pour the beans back into the bag to use again next time. 
I’ve recycled mine for years now!
The cars and construction vehicles are always in used in many other ways too. It’s a fabulous way to keep them entertained for long stretches of time and for all ages. I like to have a variety for color and size because it helps to stimulate creativity and keeps them playing longer also.

       Click on titles to see products: 

6 Set Toy Construction Vehicles 

12 Pack Assorted Construction Vehicles Toy, Die Cast Vehicles Truck Mini Car Toy For Kids Toddlers


For MORE  inside boredom busters that you can take out for easy play here are some more favorites to have on hand-

I absolutely LOVE these noodles as they call them.  They are made from cornstarch and stick together with a bit of water.  They can stick on windows, or to each other! They do not stain, nor do any harm and come off with a bit of water. Great for the entire family for hours and hours of play.  Grab a bunch of them  by clicking on the word or product because once the teenagers and the parents see how much fun the little ones are having – game on! 🙂

 Stikits                          Stikits Eco Friendly Foam Wet and Stick Construction Set (180 Pieces)


Another FABULOUS activity!

Kinetic sand.  It is so cool and feels really neat.  Seriously, it’s addicting for anyone who touches it to play and play and play.  It’s reusable, sticks to itself and cleans up easily! 

This one:  Sand Clay for Kids, Kinetic Sand & Molds Activity Set

Or this National Geographic is a great choice too

Add in this Sand Activity Kit and you have tons of extra play time           

Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2017
Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

100 Dice Game

Game Time of 100

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100 Dice GameOh, it’s time for some family FUN!     This FUN game is called 100 and will fit the bill perfectly for 3 players  and up.     

It’s for any age that can write their numbers OR roll the dice while a parent writes.     Low prep, easy to play and great for any time and anywhere! 

Stan’s brother and his wife are some of the most fun people I know. They love to play games as a family and taught us this one a few years back. It’s called 100 and is a terrific game to take along anywhere to play anytime. My daughter Delsi kept it in her backpack for downtime at school. (She also cheats at this game by running away with the pen, but do not follow her bad example, heehee).  Now on with the game!!!




2 dice (6 sided dice)

Small pieces of paper, one per player

Pen – one that is smooth such as shown  



Each player takes one piece of paper and rolls ONE die.

The high roll begins the game.

The player to the left of the beginner player gets the pen and at “GO” begins to write 1,2,3,4, etc.

Meanwhile the person with the dice is rolling BOTH dice and if the person rolls anything but double SIX’S after rolling, passes the dice to the next person, skipping the person with the pen.

The next person quickly rolls, also trying to roll DOUBLE SIXES.

If a double six is rolled, the person who rolled it grabs the pen from the person writing and begins to write on their own paper 1,2,3, and on.

The next player grabs the dice and rolls.

If they get a DOUBLE SIX they grab the pen and write their 1,2,3, etc.

If not, the next person gets the dice. I

f a person rolls DOUBLE SIXES and has already begun to write numbers on their paper, they pick up where they left off.

When a player reaches 100, they shout ONE HUNDRED and wins the game.


 Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.