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BEST Laundry Tips for Appearance and Investment

How to do laundry for appearance and investment

The way we care for our clothing, and how we wash them extends their life, saving us money. But having the information of how-to is hard to gather. It’s all here with lots of extra tips for keeping your clothing and laundry looking their best. #laundry #clothing #cleaning

There are ways to do the laundry that will make keep it like new and in it’s best condition. Read for instructions.

Laundry How Tos

Do you know how, when and why to wash your clothing for the best results to keep them looking their best and getting your hard earned money value out of them?

I have the BEST Laundry Tips for Appearance and Investment to help you know what temperature to wash your clothing in, what materials to put in the dryer and even how often to wash it!

And what do all those symbols mean on the tags anyway?  I have the answers to those mysteries.

It’s very helpful to have the How-To’s of WHEN, WHAT and HOW, and I address it all below.


BEST Laundry Tips for Appearance and Investment


Make a schedule of when to do your laundry

  1. Keep your dirty laundry in one place – such as a pre-determined laundry basket – not the entire floor, hint, hint.
  2. An idea is to have large safety pins to attach socks together just before putting them into the hamper and then when taking them out of the dryer, take off the safety pin, fold and voila! Paired and happy together.

     3. Now that you have gathered all the dirty clothing together, including towels, dish clothes, and anything else needed, let’s sort them into piles.
FIRST  and VITAL!  Check ALL pockets for crayons, pens, lip gloss (oohh that’s a messy one), tissue (terrible to clean out), toys, rocks (very hard on the washer and dryer) anything that is not like the others and does not belong in the wash.

Separate into:


When you begin the actual washing process, you will have choices of water level, from extra small or small, to large or extra large; all depending on the type of washing machine you have.

The water level needs to be equal to the load of laundry you put in.


TIP:  Just because your washer is a 20 lb capacity be careful; twenty pounds of rocks is much different than 20 pounds of feathers . Use common sense and don’t over load the washer.

Next – choose the regular or delicate cycle on the machine; and there maybe more choices also.  Regular is generally acceptable, except as noted below*


There are symbols on the tag for a reason

  1. Look inside the clothing and find the little do-hickey that either sticks out at the top of at the side seam, you need to read it, which may require some time to find the language of your choice. 
  2. Now, see if it recommends to wash in cold, warm or hot. 
  3. Also they now have little symbols that you have to decipher.  Quite complicated, but that’s modernization for you. We must find humor in every day life, right!?
  4. Here is a little video I found that explains the codes

Here’s a chart to help you out too, click HERE [1] to print it out if you’d like

***Disclaimer – These codes and information are great helps, but also use common sense.  Don’t wash pink or red socks with white items.  But you do not need to wash everything separate as might be noted on the little tags.   Also if an item is to be dry cleaned, ask the cleaner or check on-line with the manufacturer to see if it is something that might be washed in cold water and laid flat to dry; saving you money. It also gets the clothing cleaner in some instances – again disclaimer I am giving my own opinion and am not responsible for any damage or issues with clothing that has been washed, dry cleaned, will be laundered or will not be cleaned now until it can walk around on its own because I suggested maybe it could possibly be washed in cold versus the dry cleaner.  Just sayin….


A bit of maintenance is important:


TIP:  One cup of white vinegar in every batch of laundry along with Borax lifts stains and odor 



In my ‘research’ (disclaimer of simply surfing the net and asking at the expensive jean store so this is not my personal counsel) here is the advice I found in caring for jeans




*Dedicates, Undergarments and Bras

Hand Wash

  1. If something is ornate or extremely delicate than you really should hand wash.
  2. Fill your sink with warm or cool water, according to directions and pour in a tiny bit of laundry soap.  Squish with hand to distribute.
  3. Place the fabric into the water and allow the clothing to soak for for a few minutes.
  4. Gently squeeze the sudsy water through your hands and around the fabric for a few minutes.
  5. Now let out the water and run fresh water over the fabric gently moving the fabric from side to side until the suds are gone and it appears the item is completely rinsed.
  6. Place on a clean towel, laying it out as flat as possible. 
  7. Roll the towel up and squeeze gently.
  8. Unroll and use another towel if needed.  If it is fairly dry, lay out flat to dry on a clean towel

Baby Clothing



When loading sheets into the washer DO NOT wrap the sheets around the agitator . Fold them back and forth like an accordion and place them one by one, side by side in the washer.

SAFETY:  Use caution and care to keep detergents and especially the liquid laundry packets out of the reach of children.  Also, the washer and dryer doors shut so little ones cannot accidentally fall or climb in.

 Now, if I haven’t given you enough play-by-play or instructions of how to do laundry, click HERE [3]

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