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BEST DIY Homemade Bubbles

BEST Homemade Bubbles

BEST Homemade Bubbles

I know you’ve heard that before, and there are so many claims as you search.  
So which to try and spend your precious time and resources on?
Well, the BEST DIY Homemade Bubbles! 
These really are the best BEST DIY Homemade Bubbles we found as we tried many kinds.  
I have been on a quest for the perfect homemade bubble for a lloonnggg time, and now PERFECTION!
The young kids had a great time and the big kids aka adults became quite competitive to see who could make the best and biggest bubble.
If you look close you will see the bubble above my grandson’s head he made, and of course Stan’s very cool bubble which broke as I snapped the picture!

BEST DIY Homemade Bubbles
6 c water (distilled works best)
1/2 c blue dawn dish detergent (MUST be DAWN non-ultra is supposed to work best, but ultra-concentrated works fine)
1/2 c corn starch
1 Tablespoon  baking powder (yes, that is baking powder)
1 Tablespoon  glycerin (found in most grocery stores)

Dissolve cornstarch in water, stirring really well.Then gently mix in the remaining ingredients.
Avoid creating a lot of froth.Allow mixture to sit for at least one hour (BEST results when used in the SAME day as making this bubble solution), stirring occasionally if you see cornstarch settling to the bottom.

Meanwhile, make your bubble blowers.
We made some with pipe cleaners which are simply 2 twisted together then a loop formed at one end. 
Twisting two together makes it sturdy for little hands. 
Be sure to wrap the ends of the pipe cleaners in so no one gets poked.The kids had a terrific time with these inexpensive pipe cleaner bubble forms.

Now THESE bubble forms really DO work AMAZING for kids and adults! 
They are simply made from yarn and straws.  

Push the yarn through the straws and leave about 12″ – 16″ of yarn between either end of the straws.   
And let…the contest…..of the biggest baddest bubble begin!!!

NOTE:  As you use the bubble solution, keep GENTLY stirring up the baking powder to keep it mixed in – but avoid a froth.

Recipe source unknown – Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2018
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