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Family Time Lesson

Be The Good And Give

Family Time Lessons give your family the opportunity to spend together learning correct principles, God’s commandments, ways to strengthen family relationships, a vehicle for open communication and tools to teach key values and morals.


This lesson is about the importance of finding ways to give to others, so their life is better.  Just as the stream brings necessary water to plants and animals.  Sometimes it’s easy, and often it’s not. The joy is in the giving.


1. Download the family chart which is editable/fill-in so you can keep track of which family member has participated how and when.  The charts are in the libary in the category Family Time.  There are 2 styles for you to choose from. 

The purpose of the Family Time Chart is to give each person a responsibility so each feels a purpose and reason to be involved in the lesson. As they rotate through the tasks, they may also discover new talents and develop their abilities.

2. Read through the lesson ahead of time, as well as provide support to all participating so they can be prepared. It may be helpful to young children or those needing extra guidance, to be ready with their part of the Family Time-Family Home Evening Lesson so everyone can successful.

3. Print off any pictures, coloring pages, and other resources needed during the lesson.

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Adapt this lesson in accordance to your family’s needs, so each individual is able to grasp the importance of being kind to others with their time, energy, money or whatever is necessary and they are able to do. 

Opening Prayer:

  1. There are many ways to pray, the essential element is prayers are offered.  If you have any questions, or want to know more about prayer, this link will help you. Also here is this video

Ask These Questions:

Do you look for ways to give and make life better for your family and others around you?

What if someone needs your help but they are not your friend, or have been unkind to you?  Do you still help them?


King James Version of the Bible Luke 12:48 

For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.

Think of the scripture this way:

We have been given our life, every breath we take, our talents and all the blessings we have by God. 

He does require us to do good with our life. 

He asks that we follow the example of Jesus and give of our self to others in serving and helping.  


Sometimes it is easy to give to others, and other times it is very difficult to share or help. 

Maybe because we are very busy, or because we may not want to serve the people that need us.

We may wonder if it would matter anyway if we did help, would it make a difference?


Show the picture of the stream


Think of it this way.  

See the picture of the stream?

All the green grass, trees, bushes and imagine the flowers, the animals that come to drink there and all the life that can live because of that stream.

The stream simply seems to flow, giving water and life to anything in its path.


Let’s watch this video  


However, the water occasionally has to go over rocks, around big trees and make new paths so it can continue to flow and bring life to the foliage and animals.  It’s not always an easy course.

There are times in our life when it is like that too when we serve.


There is a true story of how giving wasn’t easy for some people, but because they gave, others were able to live.

It happened during the great world war, and this scene was between the United States of America and Germany.

Many men and women of the USA had gone to fight against powers in Germany who were trying to destroy and take away the God-given rights and freedoms of people.

Countless never came home again.

The tears from parents for their sons, wife’s for their husbands, family’s torn apart never to see each other again in this life was very common in every city and town in the USA.

Rations on gasoline, sugar and many other daily necessities were increasing.  Meaning you were only allowed so much of them at a time.

It was very hard for people and family’s during this situation of the war; the sorrow was deep.


Over in Germany the war was beginning to turn for the worse.  The leaders were taking from their own people the food, clothing, anything they could for themselves and to try to help the war effort.

This left many of the German people starving and freezing; mostly women and children.

News of this tragedy reached church officials in the United States of America.  A desperate message came to please send help to these people before they all died.

The church leaders went to their congregations with the sad news.

Imagine what it was like for the people sitting in church, and those who heard it from others, asking that they GIVE?

For years now they had been suffering as they too had to give up some basic life comfort.

They had sent their own loved ones to die in that land.

Some had little to spare because their loved ones had been killed, or still missing in the war.

However, the outpouring of supplies to send to the people in Germany was tremendous.

Most GAVE because they wanted to be GOOD and follow the example of Jesus.


Blankets, clothing, basic necessities, supplies and food were donated.

It was a miracle they were able to be delivered to the people in Germany.  It was usually in the middle of the night so not to be discovered and taken for the officials own use or the military.


The German women found with the food a strange new thing.  It was called Grits.

If you don’t know, Grits are ground hominy and are cooked with water or milk.  When prepared they expand into a porridge type consistency.

The German women had never seen grits before and didn’t know what to do with them.  Remember this was WAY before the internet or Pinterest:)

So they started experimenting with it and soon called it the miracle manna.

Why?  Because when Grits are mixed with a liquid it swells.

So after eating it in a meal, they could put in more liquid and in the morning their pot would be full again!


Many lives were saved because of the loving generosity of the people in the United States who GAVE even when being GOOD was difficult.

Just like the stream, when we look to serve, help and lift, we bring life and happiness to all around us, especially to our self.

Games & Fun

To reinforce this lesson in a fun way, in the library you will find these very unique coloring pages based on the lesson


  • Easier Coloring Page
  • More Difficult Coloring Page

Join for Free Lesson Printables which are in the Library category:

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You’ll find a chart in the Library to help you and your family set a goal of how to BE THE GOOD, when to do the goal, and the follow through.  It’s a fun and motivational way to make it happen and see the positive results in your life and that of your family. 


In the Library are TWO STYLES of great charts to help you and your family BE THE GOOD and GIVE with fun activities and room for more ideas of your own.

Look under this lesson in the Printable Library for those GREAT planners!

Closing Prayer:

Person Assigned

Treat Dessert:

Since we are learning about ways to Do Good, it would be fun to make a treat to eat and also one to take to neighbors and friends.  

These printables, that you will find in the Library under the Thinking Of You, Service and Community section would work terrific on your goodies to deliver.

A few recipes you might want to check out for your treat are:

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crisp and Crunchy Caramel Popcorn

Circus Animal Cookie Bars


Do you eat grits like in our story?

If you’ve never tried grits, they really are a great side dish, especially with cheese.  

Another way we like them is in pie.  HERE you can find the recipe I make that we really enjoy.



Grits pie has a wonderfully unique flavor.  A custardy filling.  You can serve it warm or cold.  Make your own crust or use a prepared one.  With or without whipped cream.  See how versatile this southern classic is?  I hope you’ll give it a try.   

Custard pie made with grits in pie crust served with whipped cream and berries

A steadfast kite string allows a person to soar to the greatest heights, with more freedom and deeper joy.

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