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Basic Home Repair and Maintenance


Here are some ways to keep your home in repair inexpensively and for best safety too #home #maintenance #homemaintenance #homecare

Do you know how to do minor repairs on your apartment or home?

These Basic Home Repair and Maintenance tips, tricks and tutorial ideas will really help you save money.


Because fixing a repair or mending job when it’s small is much easier, rather than waiting till it’s a larger  renovation or problem since it will save you a lot of money and time.

I have several areas of the home or apartment covered below to help you keep your place nice and more comfortable to live in – and safer too.

One apartment we lived in the outside wall faced an open field.  We had a particularly harsh winter and the ice formed about 1″ thick on the inside wall…bbbrrrr, it still makes me shiver. Let’s start with those windows and doors/


Drafty Windows and Doors


I remember as a kid thinking my grandparents had a monster in their bathroom because their toilet ran, and ran, and ran

Toilet Tank That Keeps Refilling On Its Own



I’ve never had running water smell like rotten-eggs, but we do have Sulphur Springs located near a larger city we drive by frequently, and boy does it smell.  If I had that in my house all the time, you can bet I’d be dumping hydrogen peroxide down the drain and calling someone asap!

Rotten-Egg Smell When You Run The Water


We have these in almost every room in our home, they work really well.

Ceiling Fans

To use them most efficiently to heat and cool –



In a little old house we rented many years ago, I could smell smoke.   I kept insisting there was a fire and dragging Stan around the house.  Finally, we could see a bit of smoke coming from old wiring.  We were so blessed the house didn’t burn down!

Correctly Test Smoke Detectors


Squeaky doors are the loudest when you get the baby/kids to sleep, or trying to sneak a bit of chocolate to have all by yourself!

Have Squeaky Doors  – Here’s How to Fix it in only 10 minutes! click HERE [2]  


Heating and Air Conditioning

Replace the filters monthly.  This will save you money as well as allow the units to function more efficiently too.   Vents and Fans Vacuum the duct-work, fans and coils on –


I managed to royally plug up the disposal, twice!  Once I put peach peels down when canning peaches. The second when shelling a bunch of eggs.  Do not do either of those things, trust me….

Garbage Disposal

  1. First shut off the power.
  2. Then look into the disposal chamber with a flashlight to see what the problem is – do NOT put your hand in the unit.
  3. If you can see the problem, pull it out with a pair of pliers.
  4. If you can’t clear any debris away with a wooden spoon or other device.
  5. Then with as much pressure as possible, try to turn the rotor in either direction; remove the blockage with pliers.
  6. You will most likely need to push the reset button on the bottom of the diposer, or trip/flip the circuit breaker associated with the disposer to make it work again.
  7. If not, clear away any debris with a wooden spoon or tongs and insert a wooden broom handle into the disposer.
  8. Using as much pressure as possible, try to turn the rotor in either direction.
  9. *If you cannot make it work, call a professional, do not risk your safety.


This seemed to always happen when Stan was out of town and the kids had been playing with the flashlights that were not supposed to be moved making it easy for me to light the furnace – yeah….

Furnace Pilot Light


I hope these Basic Home Repair and Maintenance tips, tricks and helps will get you motivated to fix the little things around your house and then move on to tackle the other jobs that need doing too.  It will give you a greater sense of pride in the place you live.


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