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Are You A Super Hero



A while back I attended a Cub Scout Pack meeting and we were instructed to come as a ‘Super Hero’. After stressing about what I would be/wear, my husband Stan came up with the clever idea that I would be……….. ‘Tupper Mom’!

I’ve thought about the idea of being ‘super’ quite often since that night. When do we forget that we are super and a hero?

When my kids were young, periodically, I would let each child choose fabric of their liking for a homemade cape. My girls would always pick sparkly, shiny fabric. My oldest boys would chose whatever their interests were at that time; while my youngest son, Dallin wanted just a plain color for his cape. I asked him what he wanted to do with it. He said he wanted a very large ‘D’ on it. I looked at him quizzically. In a very confident tone, he informed me that he was indeed the legendary (in his own mind) ‘Super Dallin’. Of course we adorned his cape with a very large D, which he wore while saving many worlds and friends from foes of all varieties, all while wearing his “Super Dallin” cape.

Fast forward to the present time. Now, my  two older grandsons pretend they are super heroes.

One is particularly fond of the mighty characters. I took him to the park and when a girl asked him his name he replied, “Tony Stark”. I later laughingly reported his new name to his mother when she recounted that while he was playing with a group of kids, when one asked her four year old son what his name was, to which he replied, “Spider Man”. He happened to be wearing a Spider Man shirt, so the kid said no, what’s your real name. Without any hesitation, my grandson answered,”Oh, it’s Peter Parker.” The kids called him Peter the rest of the day.

What about us? How is our hero status coming along? Where are our super powers?

As we leave childhood, it seems our human frailties and faults crop up continually to accuse, without any kindness or compassion, that we are no longer ‘super’ and certainly not ‘a hero’.

But, why do we allow such intrusive and demeaning self-talk to whisper in our ears? It never, ever builds us up, only swift in its relentless and destructive message. When we know it is so damaging why do we do it?

Let’s first understand what ‘super’ and ‘hero’ means.  I pulled out my Merriam-Webster Dictionary to see the definitions listed, and I found that

‘super’ included:

Over and above: higher in quality

Surpassing all or most others of its kind

Hero read:

A man (or woman) admired for his (her) achievements and noble qualities

One that shows great courage

With these explanations, I’ll bet YOU are Super and a Hero. What characterizations would you include to describe and define a person who is Super and a Hero?

I’ll give you a few ideas of what a Super Hero includes to me:

 • To purposefully choose to live a life of quality; meaning to put in perspective what really is of value and worth for our family, our loved ones and posterity to come.

• To put God and family before any self absorbed or frivolous wants.

• To work hard, and with integrity, in regards to our employer(s), whether anyone is watching or not.

• To be honest in our dealings and actions with others; even if they will, or will not, find out.

• To be brave and act with valor when faced with choices of what we will do with our ‘free’ time. Will the games, sites, shows, books, other distractions hinder our relationships with family and God?

• To be self-sacrificing of ‘wants’, when the choice of a want vs what will affect others in a detrimental manner, and leaving the ‘want’ behind if it not commendable.

• Living a life with the determination to act dignified, decent, and with the highest of morals regardless of others’ choices, or peer pressure.

These traits, and life choices, add up to a Super Hero who is real, one who can be respected and emulated.

My website title is “A Mother’s Shadow”. Whether you are a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a friend, it doesn’t matter, because all humans on this earth, without exception leave a shadow. There are two kinds of shadows I would like to compare.

  • One is such as a child sees or imagines when afraid of the dark. The looming shadows that cause trepidation, fear, and loss of direction for a route for safety and protection.
  • The other, is the type of shadow that gives relief and shade. Life is difficult, hard and very wearying at times. Have you ever longed for a place (person) to give you comfort, love and direction for a safe and sure course? One who will buoy you up so you can continue the journey of life to the very end with joy and extreme happiness?

That is our goal, to:

  • make right any wrongs we have done
  • daily committing to do our very best to be a good example, despite what others choices may be
  • replacing negative influences with positive values
  • showing courage and valor as we live with integrity, despite the results that may come

These are the qualities that comprise a SUPER HERO, and this title we can proudly wear as we strive to be more virtuous every day.

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013

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