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April Fools Fake Out Prank Food

Not ALL Sweet food to Prank on April Fools


April Fools Fake Out Prank Food

Are you looking for the Best April Fools Fake Out Prank Foods that are not sweet but for a meal?

No worries because  I have FOUR recipe ideas that are all simple, and all fake-out, prank and are yummy and delicious too!

If you want a great way to prank your family or friends with creative food that will fool them, or maybe something a little sneaky or simply hilarious? Well, these Not All Sweet April Fools Foods below will help you joke with good humor and yummy tastiness!


First lets talk about WHY play tricks at April Fools?

Here’s my reason:) 

April Fools is a perfect time to tease your kids, family and friends, and imaginative food is a wonderful way to creative memories.

While the kids were at home, April Fools allowed for ‘practice’ time to play a good natured joke or two.

My handsome hubby Stan and I felt it is an important life-skill for our kids to know how to take, and give, good-natured-teasing (never sarcastic or mean-spirited).

They all learned this concept very well – too well, I think. In fact you can see how our oldest son, Derek pranked us…and how we got him back HERE

Anyway, a central aspect of gags and nice mischief is learning to be a good sport. It’s OK to laugh at yourself! Actually it’s healthy!

It’s a lesson to learn at home so you know how to handle yourself when you’re outside ‘your comfort zone’. People LIKE and RESPECT a person who can take a good tease. 

So, let’s get cooking and have some fun!



Best Funny Not All Sweet April Fools Food

There have many things over the years I have done to fool and tease my kids and family.

  • I have colored the milk with food coloring
  • I have made a meatloaf in cake pans, then covered it with masked potatoes and decorated it to look like a cake
  • Frozen cereal in the bowl and then put it out
  • I have made this candy HERE but I decorated it with spring colored or other type of sprinkles

And so many other things, but I wanted to share these FOUR with you that maybe you haven’t seen before

Free-For-All Spaghetti

Stuffed Pig

Swimmy The Fish

Sweet Grilled Cheese


 Free-For-All Spaghetti

Once everyone has their kitchen gadget, put the cooked and drained pasta in the center of the table. Pour the sauce over the pasta. Everyone pulls the amount they want towards them and all eat right from the table – this makes for many laughs as they struggle and watch the others try to eat spaghetti with their not so user friendly utensil too.


The utensils – gather one odd kitchen gadget per person. I have 2 fun options tossed in there also

 Put them in a brown paper bag and have each person choose one out with their eyes closed.


Write the name of each kitchen gadget on a small piece of paper, fold and put in a bowl. Have each person pick out a paper from the bowl for their assigned utensil for the dinner.

The Food

Disposable table cloth

Make your own, or use bottled spaghetti sauce.

Cook up pasta of your choice

April Fools Fake Out Prank Food




Stuff Pig Sandwich April Fools Fake Out Prank Food

My hubby Stan helped me with the pig creation – THANKS sweetie!

I originally found the idea for pig shaped bread in an old Cub Scout Pow Wow Book, in the “Rhodes Dough” section, and decided it would be a perfect thing to ‘stuff’ for April Fools Day. It turned out so awesome looking and tasted just as good too!





Frozen bread dough, or you can make your own,

1 lb. loaf per pig

Parchment paper

1 Raisin

1 egg, beaten


thin sliced ham, cheese, spinach or lettuce, sliced tomatoes, any condiments or sandwich ingredients you prefer.



Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Roll out the dough to a rectangle about 12″ x 8″

Make the pig right on parchment paper so it is ready to bake as you form it.April Fools FoodThis will make your pig turn out better, since it won’t have to be transferred.April Fools Food Pig Dough

Cut the front of the ‘face’ taking off about 3″ at the widest part.

To make a flared snout, pinch the ‘nose’.April Fools Pig Dough 2Carefully move the lower part of the ‘jaw’ to form a mouth.April Fools Pig Dough 3Taking the slanted portion, divide into two large pieces and one small piece.April Fools Pig Dough 4

Roll, or pat, one large piece into a flat rectangle and cut into two triangles for ears.

Brush the entire rectangle (minus the cut off portion) with a beaten egg.

Attach short base of ears to head. On the ear in the back, fold tip over.

The front ear, fold if over.

Use a bit more of the beaten egg for glue.April Fools Pig Dough 4


Shape the other large piece into 4 tear drops and slice part way up.

Two balls will be a bit larger than the other two, which will give some dimension for the position of the feet.April Fools Pig Dough 5Position the hoofs on the body.

Spread to resemble a hoof.

Again, use the beaten egg to help attach the dough.April Fools Pig Dough 5


Roll the small piece of dough into a rope and curl for the tail and place in desired position.

Use the beaten egg to attach.April Fools Pig Dough 6With the tip of a sharp knife, make a slit in the dough and push the raisin in part way.

This will prevent it from popping out when it rises and bakes.

Brush the entire pig with the remaining beaten egg.April Fools Pig Dough 7

Allow to rise for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat oven to 350 degrees.



Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, or until the bread is done and cooked through.April Fools Pig Dough 8Cool completely.

Slice the pig horizontally from the hoof side up to about the ears, but not all the way through.

You want to keep the pig attached to itself towards the top.April Fools Pig Dough 9

Fill with sliced ham, cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce/spinach, whatever you desire.



Swimmy the FishApril Fools Fake Out Prank Food


JELLO Berry Blue Jello

Swedish Candy Fish

Ice Cubes

Clear cups


Make the blue jello according to the package directions for QUICK SET method.Jello & Fish1

A HUGE trick to making any flavor of jello: when you add the boiling water, STIR for a FULL THREE MINUTES.

Do not stop and no less than 3 minutes. This steps prevents that icky thick layer on the bottom.Jello & Fish2According to the quick set method add in the ice cubes until it thickens. Jello & Fish3Take out any remaining ice.Jello & Fish4


After removing the ice cubes, pour jello into clear cups.

Insert a few Swedish fish, pushing them down into the jello. Jello & Fish5Put in the refrigerator to chill and set up completely.Jello & Fish6 About 5-15 minutes before serving insert a fish part way in.

Do not do this step too early as it begins to dissolve the fish and does not appear appetizing.

These are best made and eaten same day.

April Fools Fake Out Prank Food




Sweet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

April Fools Fake Out Prank Food

I saw this idea on the internet somewhere, but I can’t remember where and couldn’t find it again, so I ‘winged it’ and I think it turned out great! Can you tell this sandwich isn’t a grilled cheese it’s really a pound cake with frosting?


Pound cake, I used a Betty Crocker mix

Vanilla flavored frosting

Yellow & Red food coloring

Butter or Margarine


If using a pound cake mix, prepare according to box directions.

Sweet Grilled Cheese 1Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and coat well with spray release.Sweet Grilled Cheese 2



Spread out the batter as evenly as possible, then give it a few sharp taps (like you are dropping it, but only from 2-3 inches height) to cause the air bubbles to the top.Sweet Grilled Cheese 3

When the cake is baked, cool completely.

Slice the pound cake in thick slices, of approx. 2 inches.

Using a fry pan, heat the stove to medium.

Spread a bit of softened butter or margarine on one side of matching slices of pound cake – on the sides which will be the outside.Sweet Grilled Cheese 4Fry in the pan on ONE side – butter side down, just until nice and golden brown.Sweet Grilled Cheese 5


In a small bowl, spoon in desired amount of prepared frosting.

Add in drops of red and yellow as needed to create an orange ‘cheese’ appearance.Sweet Grilled Cheese 6Spread a bit of the frosting on one slice, with enough to squish out to look like melted cheese.Sweet Grilled Cheese 7Top with another slice of cake to form a sandwich.

Fry to toast really well and browned nicely so it resembles a grilled cheese sandwich!April Fools Fake Out Prank Food

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2020

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.



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