Appetizers with Jalapeno Jelly

Appetizier Collage 1

 I have easy ideas to use the delish (can’t get enough of it) Jalapeno and Bell Pepper Jelly. 

Perfect for the holidays, parties, or a quick snack!



 To start, you may want to see the recipe for Jalapeno and Bell Pepper Jelly HERE

First idea: 

Cream Cheese dressed with Jalapeno and Bell Pepper Jelly, served with crackers

Simply place your bar of cream cheese on a serving plate and pour the jelly over top.  Quick, fast and easily always kept on hand to make-up anytime.  Serve with crackers.

Jelly & cream cheese 1

And the EASY peasy recipe is to purchase pre-made meatballs and jalapeno poppers.  Bake them as directed on the packages.  Serve alongside a bowl of the Jalapeno and Bell Pepper Jelly to make them go from ho-hum to YUM!

Appetizer 1These are fast ways to keep something a bit special on hand for company that drops in unexpectedly, or just because it’s time for a snack.

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