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Halloween Family Friendly

Everything Halloween, food, crafts, fun and all family friendly!

It’s ALL About Halloween!

It’s ALL About Halloween and I have a fabulous round-up of recipes, crafts for you and the kids, easy to make unique gifts and so much more. 

Because It’s ALL About Halloween in a family-friendly way for the best Halloween FUN! 

Simply click on the title to go right to the post for easy navigation for ALL Halloween ideas such as:

  • food
  • crafts
  • activities
  • family-friendly drinks
  • how we celebrate
  • how to keep your pets safe
  • a post about traditions to keep and some to avoid

and so much more because It’s ALL About Halloween



Make Your Own Halloween Panini Bar
I love making soups and chili’s for Halloween, but this is a wonderful alternative so your family and guests can make their own food, to their liking while you visit and enjoy.

meat, cheese, condiments and more set out for make your own hot panini sandiwich











SUCCESSFUL and Easy Caramel Apples

Easy Caramel Apples


Quick & Easy Chocolate Covered Halloween Popcorn
You can’t go wrong with chocolate – ever. So orange and green of course bring out the Halloween spirit and this is a quick and easy treat.
it's all about halloween


Halloween Sugar Cookies

Letting the kids get involved in making and decorating cookies is all about Halloween. This is a great recipe I think you will enjoy.

Cut out sugar cookies in halloween shapes with a glaze and decorated with gel frosing

Best Cut Out Halloween Sugar Cookies

Halloween Pet Safety
Halloween can be a scary time  for pets, and not in a fun way. You’ll find really good tips for keeping your pets comfortable and safe during this Halloween season.

How To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween

Pets need to be watched out for on holidays














Halloween Sugar Corn – Mother Goose Popcorn
Aawww the memories of sugar corn and Halloween, how sweet it is. You’ll want to make up batches of this, and I’ll show you how with my step-by-step tutorial.
it's all about Halloween


DIY Spooky Halloween Garland
This fun garland is easy-peasy to make and customized to your decorations, or style because you choose your fabric! You are going to want to make up a few extra to give away to your friends who are all about Halloween.

Halloween mini lights strung with fabric and netting


Kids Halloween Craft – T.P Scary Monsters
This is so simple and yet the kids and grand kids LOVE these! I kid you not, they want to make them by the dozens! But you’ll need to save up, lol. Halloween T.P. Monsters are crazy cool. 

Cute monsters from toilet paper rolls or tubes

Halloween Kids Craft Monsters from Toilet Paper Rolls











Quick & Easy Halloween Wreath
Looking for something to hang on your door, OR to use as a grave marker if you decorate for Halloween! This is perfect because it will weather outside.
it's all about Halloween


Halloween Mummies
Kids and teens will really enjoy making these fun Halloween treats to give away to their friends, or you can make them for gifts yourself. Every MuMMy will want one!
it's all about Halloween


Halloween Candy Lei
It’s so hard to come up with an inexpensive Halloween special treat to give to your kids, teens, grand kids or maybe coworkers, but I’ve got you covered! Now if you want ideas of how to send this creative all about Halloween gift in the mail, click HERE
A candy lei to wear and give at Halloween

Lei made from candy, netting and in Halloween colors

WHY Avoid the DARK Side of Halloween
There are pro’s and con’s to everything. A balance is always best. Come read my post on Halloween and see what you think. 

How to have fun at Halloween while protecting your family


Friendly Spidery Web Frame
How fun is this Halloween quick and easy decoration to get everyone in the mood for celebrating. A great girls-teens night/activity too. 
it's all about Halloween


Amazing Spidey Tacos
I wanted to have Halloween food that wasn’t just sweets, but still ‘all about Halloween’ and so Spidey Taco was created. It’s simple, but festive and I’ll show you how to make them.

A taco with a spider made out of an olive on top to make it Halloween festive











Mysterious Halloween Candy Confection
My friend Dorthy told me about some very special candy – with a little sweet, some pop and a little heat. It is AWESOME!
it's all about Halloween


Eye See YOU Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween is …..well….creepy sometimes, so these cupcakes will fill that side if you are looking for ‘just the right’ spookiness, here you go!
it's all about Halloween


Spooky Halloween Layered Cake
Layers of purple, orange and chocolate cake decorated with purchased embellishments make it come together quickly. Great for all about Halloween desserts.
it's all about Halloween


Halloween Crunchy Bread Bones and Dipping Sauce
Here’s another Halloween food for your family and guests that’s not sweet. it’s super simple ‘bones’ made out of bread sticks and a dipping sauce from ranch sauce and food coloring! Come see how easy.
it's all about Halloween


These are Halloween fun in a cup with pudding and cookie crumbs on the top.  
it's all about Halloween


Monster Mouth Apples
Finally a healthy Halloween treat! Come see how this comes together for everyone to enjoy. 
it's all about Halloween


Boazone the Snake Calzone

A calzone or pizza formed like a snake for Halloween fun food











S’Mores Chocolate and Marshmallow Pops

A great treat to make as a family – no campfire needed










Attack of the Pumpkins and our Revenge 
Stan and I came home to 82 pumpkins! WHAT? But we got our revenge, lol,  More Halloween fun at our house. 


Halloween Kids Thumbprint Pumpkin Keepsake Picture
I love this picture my daughter-in-law Ashley made for me using the thumbprints of all the grandkids as the pumpkins in the Halloween picture. It’s a keepsake I bring out every year.
Kids thumbprint made into a pumpkin in a Halloween picture


Carrie’s Cold Apple Cider
I wanted to bring you an apple cider that’s cold (link to a hot one also there) for Halloween family friendly drinks that are non-alcoholic. Enjoy
it's all about Halloween


Halloween Buffet 
This link will show you all the goodies of all about Halloween food in the buffet. Great ideas for your celebration!

Panini, treats, and food for Halloween

Carrie Groneman’s recipe Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2019

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