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My daughter-in-law Ashley created the most incredible party for our little one-year old. Devin was given a ‘honey-do list’, and together they made a very memorable event.

The celebration was centered in the theme of Alice In Wonderland and the Un – Birthday Party.
Oh, where to begin? Possibly by day dreaming of a far-away magical land, following a White Rabbit then slipping into his rabbit hole …….

 An Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Party Theme
Let’s start with the costumes. Ashley was the Cheshire Cat, including the tail, lol. Of course we needed a White Rabbit and Alice as the star. Ashley made Alice’s little dress up for the occasion. Now we were ready to go into a World of Our Own.

Un-Birthday 4
Un-Birthday 5The other kids had their own special table, each with a hat (as all Mad Hatters must have!) to decorate.Un-Birthday 7

The decorations made the party so incredibly festive and immediately took us all to Wonderland!
Notice behind the sign are hanging paper lanterns and tissue poms. Click HERE for directions to make your own poms.
Devin and Ashley also had the music from the movie Alice In Wonderland playing in the background during the party. One of the live dancing and talking flowers came to stay for the day.DSC_1943

The tablescape was amazing. Ashley attached thrift shop (check garage sales too) purchased random plates and tea cups with hot glue, to make tiers for the food and interest to the table.Un-Birthday 10
Un-Birthday 11
DSC_1948A hot glue gun. a little fabric and some trim make this decoration a show-stopper. She also spray painted the lamp base to match the color scheme.Covering a lamp shade to match the decor from a thrift store lamp (or garage sale. Remember it does not need to work for a party like this and decreases the price – better for you), adds to the ambiance of more than ‘just a party’.

Even gluing eyes on real flowers. We were ready for them to come to life and sing “The Golden Afternoon”.
Vases are so inexpensive from the Dollar Stores, garage sales and thrift stores.Un-Birthday 13The food was fit for a royal birthday: cookies with piped icing ‘Don’t Eat Me’, cut up fruit, veggies & dip, pasta, cupcakes; all the more special with the addition of a bunch of real roses. (Check stores like Sam’s for best price for flowers.)
Un-Birthday 8
The two drink dispensers were fun: one said had a sign “This will make you Larger” and the other, “This will make you Smaller”.
Tags on the squeeze-it punch bottles read, “Drink Me!”. She decorated the marshmallow krispy treats as the Card Soldiers. They were all ready for their game of crochet with the Queen of Hearts.
Small sacks were provided to put in your choice of candy from the jars such as: sixlets, bubble gum, marshmallows and other sweets all in coordinating colors of the party. 
Un-Birthday 9
Un-Birthday 12The Cheshire Cat cake was for the attendees to eat. The Mad Hatter cake was for the birthday girl.Un-Birthday 16
Un-Birthday 15The birthday girl was able to smash her very own cake, and look how amazing this area looked! Strips of ribbon and fabric were tied onto twine then taped to the high chair; fit for any dignitary, such as an adorable girl turning 1.Un-Birthday 17

Two of my sons enjoying time together and with their little girls.Un-Birthday 18The birthday girl with another cousin.Un-Birthday 6Ashley and my son Devin really out-did themselves AGAIN! To see their son’s Neverland Birthday Party, click HEREDL 7
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