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Baby sandals

Baby sandals

These do it yourself baby sandals are to be worn on those adorable chubby bare feet.
You can make them so quick and easy, not to mention affordable with these easy instructions.
Makes a great gift too! 

My granddaughters feet are so dang cute, and her mom even painted her toe nails for the pic!

Adorable Barefoot DIY Baby Sandals

Girls of any age want to accessorize! Make these in every color with satin fabric and netting, ribbon or any embellishment you desire. Your little one will be Chic and Stylin’!!!Supplies:
5/8″ elastic, or your choice of width
Hot glue

For puffy flower you will need satin fabric and netting
Optional:    Flower ribbon and colored elastic such as shown hereBaby Sandals 4
For either style of sandal follow the directions below –
Measure and cut elastic according to foot size:
Newborn – 3 months    7 1/2 – 8″                3-6 months    8 1/2 – 9″
6-9 months    9 1/2 – 10″                             12-18 months   11-12″

Find the center and mark with a pen or pencil

Baby Sandals 5

Baby Sandals 6Put a spot of glue at the center mark Baby Sandals 8Then twist the elastic and attach.Baby Sandals 9Mark at the center of the length.
Baby Sandals 10

At the ‘mark’, put a spot of glue, then on the opposite side attach, forming a figure 8Baby Sandals 11

To attach the embellishments:
Cut 4 small circles of felt about 3/4″ in diameter
Baby Sandals 12
Put a spot of glue on one side of you figure 8.
Baby Sandals 13
Attach one circle of felt.
Baby Sandals 14
Put a spot of glue on the opposite side of the figure 8
Baby Sandals 15Attach felt on the opposite side. 

You need felt on both sides of the figure 8. One is to has a surface to attach the velcro, the other is to protect the baby’s foot from any scratching of the ribbon/elastic/velcro that you will be using.
Baby Sandals 16
Next Step:
Cut the velcro into just smaller circles then the felt ones were
Baby Sandals 17Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals
Put a spot of glue on the back side flower, or whatever embellishment you are using, and attach to one side of the Velcro.Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals
Repeat with the other ‘sandal’.
Attach the flower or embellishment to the elastic sandal.

Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 2Now you have a pair of adorable barefoot sandals for your infant, baby and toddler!

Homemade baby sandals

Baby Sandals for your infant, baby or toddler



Fluffy Petal Flower Sandals

For a fluffy petal flower, cut the satin into 16 circles of your desired size. We used a glass drinking cup for our template.

Cut netting into 16 circles, 8 for each sandal.Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 4

Prepare 2 sandals as directed above, with the exception, of cutting the felt circle into a 2″ diameter
Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 5To form a petal, place one netting circle on top of a satin circle
Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 6
Fold in half, keeping them together
Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 7Fold the circles in half again
Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 8
Snip the end about 1/8″ so it will not add bulk to the flowerEmbellishment or Ribbon Sandals 9Put a spot of hot glue on the tip
Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 10
Place with the tip of the petal in the center of the felt circleEmbellishment or Ribbon Sandals 11Make another petal and place opposite of the one you just glued down on the felt circle.Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 12
Repeat with 2 more petals as shown hereEmbellishment or Ribbon Sandals 13Continue with petals, alternating to overlay where the previous petals were placed.Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 14
This will cause the ‘petals’ to stand up and fluff.Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 15

When you have attached all of the ‘petals’,
On the back side of the felt circle, glue a piece of velcro.
Embellishment or Ribbon Sandals 16
Repeat these steps to make another fluffy flower to matchEmbellishment or Ribbon Sandals 17Now you have a fluffy petal flower baby sandal to add to your adorable stylish collection!

Homemade baby sandals

Baby Sandals for your infant, baby or toddler

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