A Pinch Of Salt

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Salt 1

A Pinch of Salt

Can you describe the taste of salt?  It is indispensable in our diet and for enjoyment.

Our value as a human being is irreplaceable above all else.

I have a post comparing the two – come read a little food for thought.


In my novel I share the experience of making bread, I’ll relate it here for you:

One day I mixed and kneaded the dough for homemade bread.  We love good bread around my house.  The dough felt absolutely perfect to the touch when I set it to rise.  After some time I stuck the tips of my fingers in the dough, and it left an indent, signaling the dough was ready to be formed.

I prepared the bread pans and put the perfect dough in, allowing it to rise again.

After the second rising, they were set to go!  The oven was heated and the family was alerted  because, dum, dum, dum – the bread was going into the oven.

As the bread baked the kids and hubby shuffled in and out of the kitchen asking continually, ‘when is it done?’

Finally, the bread was the right color of brown.  I tipped it out of the pan, thumped the bottom and it sounded hollow, signalling the bread was cooked through and not doughy.

I got out the butter and homemade jam while we all tried to wait patiently for it to cool enough to cut.

Finally the highly anticipated moment arrived.  Butter was slathered and jam dripped off the sides of the freshly cut bread.

Almost in unison we each took a bite of our piece of bread…….something was wrong!

It was edible, sort of, but even the butter and jam could not conceal the incorrect flavor.  It was missing something, something vital.

I quickly looked over the recipe and realized I had forgotten the salt!  It only required a small amount of salt, but it made all the difference in the outcome.

That is exactly how it is in our own life.

Sometimes we may feel that we cannot possibly make a difference with our tiny bit of talent, or skill, or time or resource.  However, a seemingly insignificant act of kindness or effort, could change everything for another person.

In this big wide world of complications, governments, politics and so many issues that are out of our control, it may feel that our actions and righteous desires could not possibly matter. 

Our compassion, sympathy, thoughtfulness and consideration IS the salt to transform the formula in a family, neighborhood, community, and more then we can imagine.

Some Important aspects about salt:

  • Indispensable to life
  • Used as a preserver
  • Used to heal wounds
  • Salt alone never goes bad
  • It can stay good and useful for years – indefinitely
  • Kept properly it retains its nutrients

Salt is unusable when:

  • It is mixed with contaminants

We each also have the amazing effect of pure salt:

  • We are indispensable to a happy and joyful life – if we choose to life that way
  • We are a preserver of all that is right and good
  • We can heal wounds of hurt of our loved ones and those we barely know as we edify and lift to help carry their burden
  • If always on God’s side, we will never go wrong/bad
  • What could be better then going about doing good for all the days of our life!
  • By prioritizing (prayers, scriptures, church, etc.) we will have the influence and ability to withstand immoral influences that are prevalent today

To be the salt in our family and to those we love, is to add savor as a trusted guide for happiness and joy.  To be one who is truthful, stands for principles, morals and integrity is the critical balance in the recipe of the human family.

Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

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6 replies
  1. Diane Roark
    Diane Roark says:


    I have never thought about how a little salt makes a huge difference in a loaf of bread. I truly agree it makes a huge difference in our lives when we are missing something. That something is often the confidence and faith we have by trusting God with his plan for our lives. We we trust and love God. He allows us to use our lives to make a huge difference in the lives of other people.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I pray you have a wonderful week.
    Diane Roark

  2. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    Hello cute lady! I’m loving it. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for partying with us. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

    • Carrie Groneman
      Carrie Groneman says:

      Lori, you are so kind and I’m so glad you enjoyed my post on how important and unique we are in His plan and in this life. Thank you for stopping by to read this and for taking the time to comment; it means so much to me.


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