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A new Granddaughter!

Baby Girl

   Update 3/8: Thank you for all of your comments, likes and especially your prayers for my little granddaughter. Update: the medicine for her eye infection seems to be improving the condition. Her oxygen levels dropped last night, but she didn’t quit breathing. She may be released in the next day or two; however, will probably be sent home with oxygen, monitors for breathing and such. We are so incredibly grateful for modern medicine and advanced technology.
  Update 3/7: My granddaughter is breathing easier but now has a serious eye infection. Please keep her in your prayers. We all appreciate your kind comments and well wishes; they mean so much.
   Huge Blessings!
  A new baby girl joins our family; it hasn’t been all smooth sailing though.

Our granddaughter was born the other day coming in just over seven pounds and a few days early. All seemed perfect until Stan and I went to the hospital to see the new precious arrival. As we walked onto the floor of the hospital, Derek our oldest son, met us and said that when Tawni, our daughter-in-law, was trying to feed the baby, the infant quit breathing and turned bluish; which immediately set in motion a team of trained professionals working to resuscitate her. Derek hurried back to Tawni while Stan and I waited in the lobby for a very scary, pray-filled anxious time. It seemed the minutes dragged on eternally.
Finally Derek came out to tell us that the doctors were able to revive the baby and she was now in the natal intensive care unit, and being monitored by a team of doctors and nurses. They were working feverishly to find the problem and what was causing this life-threatening situation.

It was a very stressful night for all the families, with it occurring at least four  times that first 24 hours.
An ENT had a scope in our granddaughters throat to try to see what was causing her to stop breathing and found that she has a floppy larynx. This is a condition where an infant’s epiglottis and vocal folds are weak, and a part of the anatomy collapses which plugs the airway. This issue usually resolves its self and  does not require any additional interventions.
Derek and Tawni both were taught infant CPR at the hospital, a machine will be sent home to alert them if the baby quits breathing, and possibly one to help her breathe when needed.
We are incredibly  blessed and grateful that this little one is doing so much better, and look forward to her coming home when she is healthy enough.

We appreciate your prayers  for our infant girl’s health and quick healing.

Now a family of 3, or 5 you might say!

The little one crying thought he had to leave Grandma & Grandpa’s house before he was done playing.

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