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This Family Time lesson is one of my very favorites! All the printables and downloads to help you as an individual and family’s recognize and develop your own very unique talents. And if you don’t think you have anything special….oh you just wait until you have participated in this creative and engaging lesson. You will be wonderfully surprised at how gifted and important you really are!

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Encouraging In Parenting

How to be debt freeHolidaysParenting
November 29, 2017

Kids Gifts and Avoiding the Dept Cliff

Do You Know How To Avoid The Debt Cliff This Holiday Season? Let's talk about…

Encouraging In Grandparenting

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Help Your Family LIKE Each Other!Family LifeFeatured PostsLost Art of Relationships
November 15, 2020

An EASY Way For Family To SHOW Gratitude for EACH OTHER

A great way to express gratitude for what they have and also for each family…
Artificial tree with paper leaves that have names written on them of people to serveFamily LifeFeatured PostsLost Art of Relationships
November 15, 2020

Ever Giving Gratitude Tree

Ever Giving Gratitude Tree Oftentimes Thanksgiving is overlook in the anticipation of Christmas and the…

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