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Kids Crafts gifts for Mom

Kid Craft Gifts

Need a quick Mother’s Day gift for the kiddos to make for mom, grandma, aunt – any wonderful lady in their life! Here are FIVE unique, useful and easy ideas.

 #1 – Personalized Hot Pad & Spatula
Hot Pads Sharpie Markers Spatulas with wooden handlesKids Craft 1

Have the kids color or write, depending on ability, on the hot pad and handle of the spatulaKids Craft 2

#2 – Magnets
Supplies: I used Staples Inkjet Gloss White Magnet Sheets   Directions: Get your favorite selfies, family pictures or fun pics. Load onto your computer and print them out on the magnet sheet.Magnet Picture
Cut them out and presto – personalized magnets to hang on the fridge, in the office or anywhere metal Extra pieces trimmed off the photos can be drawn on, or a special message written,  for a personalized gift.
DIY Magnets 1
#3  – Foam Coozy
These would be terrific as a pencil holder, a flower pot (it has a small hole in the bottom which would allow water to drain) or filled with mom’s favorite candy.  Supplies: Foam coozy holders Foam stickers Items to fill coozy  

Have kids decorate foam cozy as desired.Foam Coozy

#4 – Chip Clips
 Wanbi Tape Clothes Pins Mod Podge & foam brush, optional

Chip clip

Have kids (help if young) center the wasabi tape on the paperclip and press down, tucking under on ends. Do this on both sides of the clothes pin. If desired, have child (or help if needed ) cover the wasabi tape covered clothes pin with mod podge which will help it last longer and keep it nice. Also, the bit that is folded over the sides

For the gift attach to mom’s favorite chip or treatKids Craft 3

#5   Sugar Scrub
You may need to help the young kids with this awesome project  Click Here for instructions


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