3D Pumpkin

Unique 3-D Pumpkin Centerpiece

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3D Pumpkin

My friend Dorthy has the most incredible paper 3-D pumpkin I have ever seen.   

This CENTERPIECE will be a show-stopper and the possibilities are endless!  Dorthy has picture tutorials to help you every step of the way. 

Also, if you’re  looking for ideas for Thanksgiving  to make it more special click HERE


Unique 3D Pumpkin Centerpiece


10 – 12 X 12 orange cardstock (I used Kraftcore shattered by Core’dinatons)
1 – 12 X 12 dark green cardstock
Aleene’s tacky glue original or fast drying
Glue stick
1 wooden skewer
Small hole punch
Green wire (opt)
Scoring mat and scoring tool (opt)
2” Circle punch (opt)


1 – Cut out all pieces:
From 2 pieces of orange cardstock cut: 2 – 4 ½ X 12 & 1 – 3 X 12
From 1 piece of orange cardstock cut: 4 – 3 X 12
From 4 pieces of orange cardstock cut: 2 – 3 ½ X 12 & 1 – 4 X 12
From 1 piece of orange cardstock cut: 3 – 4 X 12
From 1 piece of orange cardstock cut: 2 – 3 X 12 & 1 – 4 X 12
From 1 piece of orange cardstock cut: 9 – 2” circles
From I piece of green cardstock cut: 1 – 2 X 12 strip & 2 leaves (I googled pumpkin leaves)

2 –lightly mark each orange strip on the wrong side in 1 inch intervals or use scoring mat and tool so that there are 12 sections on each strip.

3D Pumpkin 1

3D Pumpkin 2

3 – Fan fold each strip being as exact as possible. (fold half of each width of strips by folding the first section toward the back and fold the other half of the strips by folding the first section to the front.)

3D Pumpkin 3

Punch a hole in the center of 7 of the 2” circles.(to find the center, fold one circle in half and then again in fourths.

Punch the hole where the folds meet and use this template to punch the other circles.)3D Pumpkin 44 – Bottom layer: glue 4 – 3 X 12 strips together to form a circle (I had to cut about 1/16”from each short end) making sure to use 2 strips folded to the front first and 2 strips folded to the back first.

Flatten into a circle and glue a 2” circle to the bottom keeping the center as tight as possible. (This is really easier to do with two people, so have a girl’s night to do this project.)

Insert the skewer in the center of the folds and glue.

Hold until the glue is set. Take a 2” circle and generously spread glue on one side.

Slide it down over the skewer and use to help hold the layer in place.

3D Pumpkin 5

3D Pumpkin 6

3D Pumpkin 7

3D Pumpkin 85 – Repeat the process with each layer.
2nd layer –4 – 3 ½ X 12 pieces
3rd layer – 4 – 4 X 12 pieces
4th layer – 4 – 4 ½ X 12 pieces
5th layer – 4 – 4 X 12 pieces
6th layer – 4 – 3 ½ X 12 pieces
7th layer – 4 – 3 X 12 pieces3D Pumpkin 9

3D Pumpkin 106 – Place one last 2” circle on the top.3D Pumpkin 11

7 – Cut the skewer to 1 ¾ “high reserving the cut part of the skewer. Roll the 2 X 9 piece of green cardstock around the cut part of the skewer to form a stem and glue to hold its shape. Remove from skewer.
8 – Cut 2 leaves from the green cardstock
9 – Wind 3 – 9” pieces of wire around the cut skewer and then remove to form curly vines.3D Pumpkin 1210 – Place the stem on the skewer end and glue. Arrange the leaves and curly vines on top.

This is not a hard project but it is a little time consuming. Be patient- it’s WAY worth it for this AMAZING centerpiece!3D Pumpkin 13

Centerpiece by Dorthy, Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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  1. Diane Roark
    Diane Roark says:


    When you have a large extended family with so many people over and Thanksgiving tables everywhere, this would be the perfect inexpensive solution to bringing the Thanksgiving theme to every table. Give a BIG thanks to your friend Dorothy.

    Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.
    Diane Roark


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