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Halloween Make Your Own Panini Bar
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2nd Sunday, Knee & Family Update

Update - A Mother's Shadow

Update - A Mother's Shadow

Update - A Mother's Shadow

Update – A Mother’s Shadow

Learning to Walk Properly

2nd Sunday, Knee & Family Update

I am amazed at how many of you have been so kind to email, text, call and facebook to check up on me.  I ‘m extremely grateful! I also apologize for being so absent with posts and updates. Just in case you’ve missed it, I’ll give a little explanation to my problem.

As a pre-tween my knees were deformed and dislocated frequently, and occasional total dislocations. So when Stan and I got married 35 years ago, I had my first of 5 surgeries trying to repair them.  After none of these procedures was I allowed or offered – nor did I know about – physical therapy to regain muscle tone in all areas of the legs as well as the mechanics for walking properly and running.

Then 9 years ago I had my first knee replacements due to arthritis destroying the bone.  The surgeon put in ceramic since I was in my early 40’s to buy time with the metal type in development.  Most with that type got 4-5 years; I got 9, so I was really lucky and had no problems until about a year and a half ago.  Again arthritis destroyed around the implants so they had to be redone.

So in September I had titanium knee replacements put in that are to last 25-30 years; plenty for me!

My hardship has been that due to the first surgeries and the first replacements, I didn’t have physical therapy, so I just managed.  I had good range of motion, but I swung from my hips and walk flat footed.  As I said, I can’t run because I just don’t get the mechanics of it.  I can’t stand up from a chair, I have to use my arms to push myself up.

Now to avoid hip replacements in the future as well as shoulder damage, I am not only working through knee replacements, I am fighting 30 years of atrophied muscles in my legs AND learning to walk properly.  I haven’t walked ‘like a girl’  in decades, lol.  But I am determined to learn!

So my days are filled with lots of rehab of making my quad muscled fire up, which I love Stan’s definition:  they are like a teenager who doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning – NO! I don’t want to and you can’t make me….but I CAN and I DO!

And the funniest is Stan and me walking down the street with me seriously thinking I AM doing it RIGHT, but I guess I’m not. Because he’s saying:  “pick up that foot, bend that leg back when you walk, flex the foot and roll from the heel to the toe” and other stuff       See, I can say it, but to put it in action – well….

Then we go to physical therapy twice a week, which has been a real blessing to have for the first time.  They also try hard to help me learn to walk properly, as well as rehab the knees.  I don’t think they’ve ever had a gal in her early 50’s who can’t walk, heehee.

Consequently, the pain has been incredible and the time it takes is all encompassing AND I really am trying to get work done behind the scenes to start off the year to bring you a quality and meaningful blog/site, with emails, posts and worthwhile reads.  But, it’s been slow going and frustrating since I like to work quick and hard.

I want to tell all of you who are still with me how grateful I am and how much I appreciate you.

Which brings me to 2nd Sunday.  Because of this situation and I can’t stand long enough to make food right now, we are postponing our dinners until further notice.  Stan and I cannot thank all who have graciously come to our home and made our lives richer through this experience, and we hope to get back to them.  Regrettably, it’s just not possible right now.


Stan and I have had so many wonderful neighbors and family who have dropped by meals and treats, which we can’t thank them enough for.  With work and this situation we are in, it has been amazing to know that we have such angels who are reaching out – to us! and easing our burden.  We can never repay your kindness, nor selflessness.  We pray you are blessed beyond measure.

Our kids knew I was sad to miss so much of the holiday season we usually all enjoy together.  AND there have been other events going on too:

So my daughter-in-law Ashley brought her kids over after my first surgery and we played “Pie In The Face”, which was SO funny.  

Then she arranged a little Halloween party here with most of the grandkids so Stan and I could join in the fun with games and a craft.  We had pizza, donuts and rootbeer floats!

Update - A Mother's Shadow

Update – A Mother’s Shadow

Update - A Mother's Shadow

Update – A Mother’s Shadow

Update - A Mother's Shadow

Update – A Mother’s Shadow



Our daughter-in-law Brooke had major surgery on her foot.  Dallin our son has been taking fabulous care of her.  I hated not being able to help, and they are so far away.  When I had my surgeries, they sent me treats and a movie:)  I will post their wedding soon.  We are thrilled to have Brooke in our family!  She truly is a bright ray of sunshine and we all just love her so much. I feel a great void when Dallin is gone and miss him dearly; he’s always such fun, a great help and ALWAYS a pleasure to have around.

Dallin & Brooke

Derek and Tawni are going to have a baby in the spring!  They stop by to help as they can, but Tawni hasn’t felt well, and I’m no help to her, which makes me frustrated.  She’s an angel, always a calming influence but fun as can be; we so blessed to have her!  Derek is always serving us, helps me a TON with my site here and is down right hilarious with the best sense of humor!  Truly, I don’t know what we’d do without him.

Announcement of new baby coming!

Delsi is so smart and can do anything – she is really helpful with my computer stuff too.  Plus we all love her dearly!  She made a terrific video for the cookbook landing page I cannot wait to brag about – when it’s finished:)  She is one hard worker, so busy and going a ton, but I HOPE to have her on again soon with me.  She’s the best!


Danitra and Joel just had another baby!  Stan went down to help them as they live in another state.  I was so thrilled and proud that Stan is the kind of dad and grandpa (we count our blessings that his job has the flexibility he can work from where ever he is) that he would go be with  the almost 4 year old and help in anyway he could for 5 days.  I was SO happy he could go, and a little jealous I couldn’t.  My knees just wouldn’t take the drive or situation….BUT, I hope to see them soon!  Joel is the smartest ever and can figure out anything that he wants to make.  So grateful for him in our family.  Danitra…aaahhhh…she is witty, clever, funny, loves any adventure – even chasing down a food trucks, smart, she’s simply a joy to have around.


Lastly Devin and Ashley.  Devin can make ANYTHING and I kid you not. Seriously, everyone in the family will agree.  He’s so stinkin creative.  If he thinks of it, or hears of it, he will figure it out. Geez, his garden this year was AMAZING. Ashley is our angel, the glue and gets everyone involved. LOVE her.  She is also a craftsman.  Recently she started her own business called Aria’s Little Lovely Dresses.  When you go there, click on PHOTOS on the left hand side and it will open all of the pictures. You can’t believe what my girl can make!  She will custom make them to your size, color, pattern – whatever! And I will tell you, they are quality as well as adorable. Just look at these!!!  She has simple and complex as well as bonnets and capes.  You can go to her FB page  HERE

Tell Ashley I sent you, ok?!

Thanks again for being such a great friend to me and A Mother’s Shadow. I really am trying to get better fast and back on track because YOU do mean so much to me or I would have shut down my site long ago.  Hang in there and I do have some posts coming due to a course I’ve been ssslllooowwwlllyyyy working through. And I can’t wait to write Musings and in the Lost Arts again.  

Take care of yourself and know that I sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow 2016

Recognize a Blessing and be a Blessing Today

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  1. I absolutely LOVE what you guys put together each month for 2nd Sundays but I’m also glad that you’re postponing it until further notice. With so much going on and your surgeries and learning how to walk again….this was the best call. I’m sure your neighbors/friends will miss it but I bet they will all understand. It seems like a really tight nit community where you all look out for each other, and that’s a good thing. I feel that I have wonderful neighbors as well and that’s something you can’t buy. Thank you for the updates…the kiddos are always so adorable. I’m starting to have baby fever now and am patiently waiting for my time to become a glam-ma!! Just like you Carrie…and yours won’t stop coming! lol

    • Aaawwww Tasha, you are so generous and kind. I wish you were here to join in our dinners, events and to hang out. You are going to be the BEST Glam-Ma!!! Amazing and they will love you to death – as we all do now. Thanks again for your concern.

  2. Thank you for updating here, Carrie and just glad to hear even if slowly that you are on the mend. Still saying so many prayers for your to get better quickly and also keeping you in my thoughts, as well. Hugs to you and sounds also like so much is going on with the rest of your family, too. Also, congrats on the impending arrival of your newest grandchild, as well <3

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