2nd Sunday - 9/16

Getting ready for 2nd Sunday Dinner, Sept 2016

2nd Sunday - 9/16

2nd Sunday – 9/16

Well, I thought last month was a challenge….this one proved to be one also.  You can see my list and the yellow pad had THREE pages!!!  I don’t usually do a post on getting ready for the 2nd Sunday dinner, but this one is special. 

This month has been interesting because of my knees.  YUP, my knees.  

See, they’ve pretty much always been a problem with dislocating and all sorts of issues most of my life.  About eight years ago I had to have total knee replacements.  The doctor put in ceramic replacements since I was in my early 40’s and they worked great, until the last couple of years, when they started giving me trouble.  Arthritis, which is the reason I had to have replacements the first time, has eaten under the replacements from behind causing them to shift and move, so now I have to have replacements again, but this time I am having titanium replacements. I will be superwoman!
I had about a week to get ready, including my site and business, things around the house (thank heavens for my handsome hubby Stan and ALL he does!), arranging insurance, other things I needed to take care of, AND cooking ahead for 2nd Sunday for September and October! WHEW!!!
I’ll show you what I did, and a huge shout out to my son Derek and lovely daughter-in-law Tawni for their freezer space to store desserts in.

The Menu for September:
PULLED PORK on rolls –  it’s seasoned and served with BBQ sauce on the side for those who want it
COLESLAW with my homemade sauce
BAKED BEANS – went with canned, but I linked my delish recipe for you!

To start, I seasoned the pork and slow cooked it in the crock pot.  When it was perfectly done and cooled (enough to handle and not melt the bag), I shredded it and put it gallon freezer bags.  

Then I strained the COOLED (otherwise if it’s too warm it will melt the bag) juices from the crock pot the meat was cooking in and poured it over the meat.

I cooked the pork, shredded it, strained the juiced from the meat it was cooking in, then poured it into the bag with the meat.  It keeps the meat from drying out and staying super scrumptious moist. Now it was ready to freeze for 2nd Sunday Dinner.  

2nd Sunday - 9/16

2nd Sunday – 9/16

I made up my coleslaw sauce, chopped the green onions and kept them separate. They are in the fridge, just chillin. This is just two days ahead folks, so no worries.

2nd Sunday - 9/16

2nd Sunday – 9/16

Raspberry Cheesecake Fluff Salad – I have all the ingredients ready to go, but will have others help me put it together on that Sunday, as well as these other items also.

Now THIS cake is one of my most popular posts EVER!  My amazing neighbors Bryce and Virginia Ragland gave me peaches off of their tree a couple of years back so I made a
Peach Pound Cake and it’s gone CRAZY I tell you!  

Well Bryce and Virginia generously gave me peaches again, so I decided to make up Peach Pound Cakes for this 2nd Sunday Dinner. I wrapped them up and they are in the freezer till the the dinner.

2nd Sunday - 9/16

2nd Sunday – 9/16

For another option for the dinner, I decided to add in one of my favorite recipes.  It’s this tender and really moist Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Make sure to serve it cold.  I placed parchment over the top, then saran wrap (by the way, get the large industrial box of plastic wrap at Sam’s or Costco/big box stores I believe they call them – MUCH cheaper that way and goes a long way).

The cakes are in the freezer.

2nd Sunday Dinner - 9/16

2nd Sunday Dinner – 9/16

Wish me luck.  I’m off for surgery today on the right knee and the left in three weeks.  But, I will keep in touch on FB, THAT I can do from my phone:)

Fast forward….you can see the dinner and how it turned out HERE

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    • Carrie Groneman
      Carrie Groneman says:

      Thank you Janine for coming by. I’m so sorry I haven’t been to ‘your place’ in awhile, but it’s been rather crazy; and it will continue for a bit. I can’t tell you how much your friendship means and that you’d come to check on me.

  1. Diane Roark
    Diane Roark says:

    Hey Girl,
    Wow! What a month you have had. I love seeing all your pictures on Instagram. I am so sorry you had to have knee surgery but I am praying it works.
    You amazing me that you still have your 2nd Sunday dinner.
    Many Blessings,


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