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2nd Sunday Dinner – June 2016

2nd Sunday Dinner

2nd Sunday Dinner

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2nd Sunday Dinner

2nd Sunday DinnerAre you terrified with all the shootings, bombings and such going on?  It IS terrifying, but not a reason to hide in our homes and be afraid of strangers – which are hopefully just friends we haven’t met yet.

Stan and I started holding 2nd Sunday dinners in our homes in October of 2012 and did them every month for 25 months.  We enjoyed doing it and had anywhere from 30 – 85 people come each time. We never knew how many would show up; just hoped someone would.  People we didn’t know came every month, but what a joy it was and is.

I prepare all the food. It’s my way of showing our friends and neighbors that we want them to come, they are welcome and to just relax and visit.

We stopped for 20 months, then felt recently prompted that it was time to begin again.  So, we put the word out in the neighborhood, to our church congregation and the neighborhood FB page that we would like anyone who would like to join us, to please come, and bring a friend who lives here also, so people can meet, make new friends and strengthen our community.

To get ready, we also deep clean the house each time the best we can.  Stan wanted to really get the outside clean, but by the time he had a chance, it was a downpour.  That didn’t stop him, lol.  Can you see how hard it was raining and yet there he is, undaunted, power-washing the outside of the house, the lawn chairs and such so people could enjoy what we do have to share, in as clean a state as possible.  That’s my man!!!

2nd Sunday Dinner

2nd Sunday Dinner

Meanwhile I was making cakes – more about this later…’s ok if everything isn’t perfect:)

2nd Sunday Dinner

2nd Sunday Dinner

 For our first one to start off I decided to make my delicious SWEET PORK for our guests to have the choice for Pork Burritos, or on a Salad. 

It takes 2 days to make this AMAZING recipe which you can find HERE

Anyway, you cook it and it comes out like this: Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these BEAR PAWS that Stan bought for me a few years back.  I have tons of arthritis everywhere, and my hands are no exception. The beauty of these ‘claws’ is that you can grab them and in must minutes have shreds with little effort at all!

2nd Sunday - Bear Paws

2nd Sunday – Bear Paws

Seriously! The meat is beautiful and the perfect shreds for this recipe, or any you want shreds for and it doesn’t tear at the meat and make it tough by destroying the fibers or ribbing it to pieces.  You can get to the link HERE if you are interested in them.

2nd Sunday - Bear Paws

2nd Sunday – Bear Paws

Now, back to the cake.  Can you see the back one?  I don’t know why, but it fell in the middle AND I was distracted and added TOO much milk! WHAT? It was a mess.

2nd Sunday Dinner

2nd Sunday Dinner

So, I went ahead and made up the one, salvaged what I could from the ‘other’ one, by cutting of the outside and putting it on a plate so that IF we needed it and  now you know that things just happen.  Even when they do – just plug along.

2nd Sunday Dinner

2nd Sunday Dinner

Here was the menu for 2nd Sunday June, 2016:

Sweet Pork Burritos or Salad served with lettuce (from my neighbors garden, isn’t it beautiful!), shredded monterey jack cheese, black beans, chicken garlic flavored rice and a fresh tomatillo and cilantro (also from her garden) sauce.  Recipe HERE

Homemade Refried Beans – recipe HERE

Chips & Salsa – recipe Sams Club or Costco, lol

Fruit & Orange Jello Salad – the recipe for the Orange Jello Salad is in my Cookbook, Carrie’s Cooking for Keeps HERE

Tres Leches Cake – recipe HERE

Mexican Brownies – HERE

We had a GREAT time and appreciate all who came which was about 45 people. 


2nd Sunday June 2016

2nd Sunday June 2016

So what could 2nd Sunday’s possibly have to do with all the chaos and commotion going on in the world?  

In years past people needed each other to build their home, to work together to build a community, for safety and support. 

Due to our culture today, we are more splintered as a society and are not as cohesive naturally; it requires effort.

That is why we are making this effort, using our resources, committing time to cleaning and shopping, all in the belief that it provides the opportunity for strangers who live in the same area to meet and become friends.  Neighbors will then watch out for each other and their children, because they know each other a little after chatting even briefly.  This is our goal and prayer.

Have a wonderful week!

 Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2016

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


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  1. How wonderful, Carrie! That’s the way to improve the world, love like Jesus loved!
    Love the pix of you and Stan! Poor guy, standing out in the rain!
    Mexican brownies??? sounds yummy!

    • You are always the sweetest Melinda! I will get that recipe out as soon as I can for the Mexican Brownies. Yes, Stan is AMAZING and helps me make this the best experience possible. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Katie Clark says:

    What an awesome idea and way to open your home up to others. All the food looks and sounds delicious. I need to get those bear paws!

  3. Diane Roark says:


    The food looks delicious! You amazing me at how you make such an effort to get your neighbors together. I hope you had a great turn out. I am sure if you did not the word will get out about your cooking and the crowd may overwhelm you.

    I really wish I could be your neighbor in more ways than one. We sold our house and will be moving closer to Little Rock. Life is a little stressful right now especially since we leave on our vacation soon that has been planned for a year.

    Everything happening at one time! YIKES!

    • Wow Diane, you have one busy summer lady! I wish I could bring you some dinner while you are moving. Glad you were able to sell and hope you are moving to the ‘perfect house’. Have a wonderful vacation and thanks for coming by my friend.

  4. Tasha says:

    You guys are wonderful! Food looks delicious. Those bear paws seem mighty handy! I can tell you guys put in a lot of work to pull this off. Your neighbors are really blessed.

  5. Aw, you too are amazing and love that you are still doing these dinners. Bravo to you and Stan, my sweet friend!! 🙂

  6. Mary Frances says:

    This came to my Outlook but for some reason it locked up on me so i never was able to get this, i am also on G mail but i never get anything there at all, very strange and i am not too swift with the computer, anyways, all i can say is, you and your wonderful Hubby are just too good to be true, oh my heavens, you are amazing. I would never in a million years be able to go to anyone’s home eat there food like this and never do some sort of trade off, even if just a few came and offered to help prepare food or help clean. God bless you. Not only that but you post and share your awesome recipes with us.
    Well, i just can not thank you enough for all you kindness Love and hugs to you from me

    • Hello Mary Frances! I wish you could join us. For the last 2nd Sunday, my neighbors really stepped up and helped us out due to the difficulty I was having with my 2nd knee. And they always stay to help us clean up. YOU are the BEST and THANK YOU for commenting; I look forward to hearing from you always:)

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