2nd Sunday Waffles

2nd Sunday Dinner, July 2016


2nd Sunday Waffles

Waffle 2nd Sunday

I had hoped that the last month with so much turmoil going on, that this month there would be only peace in our country, but it seems to be even more challenging.  So, our 2nd Sunday dinners hopefully will serve a good purpose to help unite our neighborhood in positive and meaningful ways.  To help strangers become friends and any prejudices be overcome as a meal is shared.

This dinner was not unlike the others in the obstacles in pulling it off; but we prevailed!

Oftentimes we are asked how we do this on a budget.  This month we had probably 45-50 people (sorry I didn’t count, it was so fun visiting!) and I didn’t have a lot of extra to spare.  I said a prayer over it, like I always do, and it came to my mind when my mom, Connie, had told me about a friend doing flavored waffles.  I got on the computer and happened on ideas for a waffle bar.

SO, I’ll bet you can guess what we served…yup…WAFFLES!

I want to thank my son Derek and my daughter Delsi who became my sous-chefs working the waffle irons.  I originally thought people could make their own, you know like at the breakfast bars in hotels? But—-I don’t have the space for that, so those two came to my rescue. THANK YOU Derek and Delsi!!!

If you are looking for a great Waffle Iron that’s REALLY awesome you might want to check out THIS ONE

For the waffles I made 3 kinds of batter for the 2nd Sunday Dinner:

My Grandma’s FAMOUS batter, and you can get the RECIPE and easy to follow tutorial HERE

I also made Red Velvet Cake Mix and Chocolate Cake Mix.  

When experimenting before that day to try it out, we made Birthday Cake Mix – the one with the sprinkles in it, Lemon – which was really good, and you can do any flavor that a cake mix comes in.

One word of caution, we had to use spray release (like Pam) for the Red Velvet and Chocolate before making waffles with those particular batters.  It could have been my waffle irons…not sure.



To go along with the waffles I had – 

Maple Syrup for the traditionalists

Chocolate syrup

Frozen strawberries in sweetened syrup (thawed)

Ice creams galore

Whipped topping

Sprinkles for the kids

Anything that you can think of that works on a waffle!


This is how I had it set up before my neighbors arrived

2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016
2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016I did bring out the rest of the ice creams we had that I had experimented with, but it would be safe to get just these two for your Waffle Bar.That was 3 of the little containers of sweetened frozen strawberries from Walmart.  I needed to double that.2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016I dedicated THREE of the waffles irons and made EIGHT batches of Grandma’s batter because it’s always so popular.2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016I made 3 boxes of chocolate cake mix according to the box instructions.

2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016I made 2 boxes of Red Velvet cake mix.  We started making waffles ahead and kept them warm in the oven so there would be waffles when the people arrived.

For a family, have as many ice cream flavors as you’d like:)

For a crowd, I’d suggest only two to keep the line moving along. 

2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016They were yummy and fun to see what people created. 2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016

2nd Sunday Dinner - July 20162nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016Red Velvet Cake Mix with Maple Pecan Ice Cream and Maple Syrup2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016Grandma’s batter OR Lemon, Vanilla, Birthday Cake with sprinkles in it, or anything like that with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup2nd Sunday Dinner - July 2016Any of the batters with Chocolate Chip or Fudge Chip Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup

It worked out great and people loved the breakfast and dessert together idea. 

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2016

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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12 replies
  1. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    I love your 2nd Sunday’s Carrie! Especially with everything going in the world right now, what a way to have a positive influence on your community. The desert looks so yummy….so it’s basically just cake batter that you’re using?

    • Carrie Groneman
      Carrie Groneman says:

      Hello Tasha! Yep, it’s simply cake batter made according to the package directions, with the exception of my Grandma’s pancake-waffle batter that I link to there in the post. I really appreciate your compliment too:)

  2. Melinda Mitchell
    Melinda Mitchell says:

    Oooh, CArrie! I’m groaning in jealousy that I don’t live near you!!
    Those waffles all look amazing! And I can imagine how yummy!
    You’re so creative! I never would have thought of making flavored waffles! But I’m sure you didn’t have any left!!

  3. Super Mom - No Cape!
    Super Mom - No Cape! says:

    This is such a fun idea!

    We’ve done get togethers like this when we lived on army bases, but never anything on this scale as far as number of people goes. I think the most we had was 20 or so for an impromptu New Year’s Day party where we invited people to just drop over throughout the day.

    • Carrie Groneman
      Carrie Groneman says:

      You are AWESOME SUPERMOM! I love that you have gotten people together and for holidays. YOU ROCK GIRL FRIEND:)
      Thank you for stopping by, and can’t wait to hear from you again.

  4. Connie MOM Ras.
    Connie MOM Ras. says:

    Hi Darlin’,
    I am so excited that I get to be at your next Second Sunday dinner. I wish I didn’t live so far away so that I could be there every month. Can’t wait to see ya all and partake in the great food that I know will be there. Maybe you need to have more weddings ‘hint hint ‘ to bring me north.
    You are amazing Carrie and I am so proud to be your mom 🙂


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