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Ways to be more like Christ as we serve during the Christmas season

25 Ways, 25 Days    #LightTheWorld –  2017

Do you ever feel as though a tidal wave begins about October, sweeps you up, bumps you around a bit, then tosses you out about the first of January, exhausted  ?
Your head is spinning, your bank account reeling, you’re not even sure what present you gave who, or if someone was left out after all the chaos of wrapping paper, ribbons and bows were flying.
Christmas is meant to be a time to treasure. 
One of fond memories, good food, wonderful times and long-held traditions of celebrations with family and friends.
Yet, oftentimes we forget the real reason for this magnificent season—-it is to rejoice in our Savior’s birth and to learn more of Him. A time to focus on how to be more like Jesus.
How can we make this Christmas season joyful, life-changing, and more Christ centered?
By participating in 25 Ways, in 25 Days and applying the teachings of Jesus to bring happiness to our life and those around us.
Step #1 – watch this

Step #2 – Print the 25 Stars
You can download these stars that I had created just for YOU. They are free and ready to print.
Here are the Free Printables – there are 13 pages: twelve pages with 2 stars, and one page with 1 star. Click HERE for the STARS

Step #3 – Display your STARS
Here are just two ideas:
Cut out the stars, punch a hole as it is marked, hang them from a hook or string to a garland, a homemade chain of ribbons, your Christmas tree, whatever you like and works for your situation.


Ways to be more like Christ as we serve during the Christmas season


Ways to be more like Christ as we serve during the Christmas season

Step #4
Download these ideas of how to serve and be more like Jesus during this Christmas season.
With each Day of Serving you will find:

  • Each day has a scripture from the 25 Ways, 25 Days site
  • A concept of the scripture for more thoughtful insight.
  • At least two ideas for serving, that enhances the scripture and what Jesus taught.
  • These ways of serving are mostly all low-preparation, free – with some options for low-cost alternatives, and many I provide links to posts here on my site, so you can easily plan ahead to be sure and participate every day.
  • I also provide a special family section, to make it very doable and quick. With all that parents have to do in a day, this will make it extremely manageable, meaningful, rewarding and fun. 

Click HERE for my Free 25 Ways, Over 25 Days Printables

Step #5

  • Please participate yourself, or as a family, in this amazing event!


  • Plan a day or a week ahead the activity that suits you, or your family best. If doing this as a family, it would be a perfect time to go over the ideas and choose them as a group so everyone feels a part of this event and wants to be involved. 


  • Hashtag #LightTheWorld and share what you are doing on instagram if you would like.


  • I hope you will also share with us at A Mother’s Shadow how you are bringing Joy, Happiness and Love to your own life, and that of your loved ones, as you live more like Christ each day. I will be on my instagram: amothersshadow1 



  • Write on the STAR DAILY as the activity of your choice is accomplished


  • See what a different person YOU are – and how your family has changed – on December 26th! 

For more information visit this site:
For your own amazing printables, these were the terrific artists I worked with:
The lovely stars were made by –
And the handy attractive 25 Days Printable by
The beautiful handmade tags and cards can be found here: 
Thank you Haylie for the beautiful PIN/main picture:)
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017
Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


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