DIY Burp Pads
DIY Burp Pads

This is an easy, homemade inexpensive baby burp pad.

They are always appreciated and needed by new moms.

So simple the whole family can get involved.

DIY Baby Burp Pads

I have been making these simple and useful burp pads for years.  My kids growing up even made them for gifts for close relatives and friends who were blessed with an addition to their family. 

I hope you will try these with your own boys and girls/teens.  Many skills are involved which will give you the opportunity to teach, as well as the chance to visit and see what’s on their mind today.

 Supplies for one burp pad:

  • You need 2 pieces of flannel fabric 12″ by 20″, one for the back and one for the front.

          Ask for help and get GOOD QUALITY fabric so it doesn’t fade quickly after just a few washings.

  • A sewing machine – or a really kind family member or neighbor who will help with the extremely simple sewing step.
  • Scissors
  • Cut a rectangle from paper of 10″ x 18″ for your pattern



First lay the fabric with the right side DOWN.

Lay the other piece of fabric right side UP on top of the other.

This puts WRONG sides together.

Cut a piece of paper (my husband cut this form out of wood because I use it so much!),  into a rectangle 10″ across and 18″ long. (The size is easily modified to your desire. )

You can leave it with square edges or round it like mine.DIY Burp Pads 1When you cut the fabric out, you will have a shape such as this.

Optional:  Use the same fabric for both sides of the burp pad.DIY Burp Pads 2

OK folks, this is the ONLY sewing involved and takes just a couple of minutes, really.

Keeping the fabric together (remember wrong sides together),

Sew at the 1/2″ mark, using the single stitch setting (you can also sew at 5/8″ to make longer fringe).

Stitch around the entire perimeter of the burp pad. DIY Burp Pads 3

DIY Burp Pads 4Now, with any sharp scissors, cut at 1/8″ to 1/4″ intervals  up to the stitching. Do NOT cut through the threads of the  stitch! Cut the entire perimeter of the burp pad.

Here is a close up of what the cuts  will look like.DSC_0339

See how easy? and you’re almost done!DSC_0340Now, put the burp pad(s) in the washing machine then dryer with other towels or whatever.  The only caution is that there WILL be fuzz, threads, lint, whatever you want to call it when it’s done.  Just shake it and now you have an easy, inexpensive, homemade and useful gift to give with pride!DSC_0359 You can see I made a boy pad with a dark blue side and the other with trains. 

I made a girl pad with pink flowers, butterflies and girly stuff on one side and a pink pattern on the other. 

The demonstration pad has yellow on one side and a Noah’s ark theme on the other. 

I make burp pads for baby boys and baby girls, but when I come across a darling fabric that is appropriate for either gender, I make up a bunch to have on hand; it’s  just easier that way and always ready to gift. 

You can also see the difference in the fringe, which  is simply the result of the fabric and how it frays when washed and dried

Note:  It will not shed lint or threads after the first washing so don’t worry about the recipient getting fuzz in their clothing.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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