ALL Gloves ARE Beautiful

Glove Collage

All Gloves Are Beautiful

When you see another person, do you automatically compare their looks with yours?  Their clothing with yours?  Try to guess their income and see if it’s above or below yours? Isn’t it interesting how we seem to do that naturally.    What if we could look at a friend, family member or a stranger and instead, see only an exceptional and irreplaceable magnificent creation of God.  Even more impressive, is if we could look in the mirror and have that same reaction to our own image!

We are like these gloves.  We each have a soul/spirit – just decorated a bit differently.  Because all gloves really all beautiful.


When we envision our self and others, what do we see?

Some are tall, while some are rather small.Glove 2


Some have skin that is lustrous and dark; some are light and fair, while some are bronzed and golden tan.

Some  have traveled and seen sights glamorous and exotic; while some have traveled only a few miles from their birthplace.

Some have vasts resources of knowledge and degrees to line a wall, while some have barely any education at all.

Some are married, some are not.  Some have children, some do not.

Though we vary in appearance, hair texture and eye color, there are basic core needs we all have.

Glove 1

  • We all need to feel wanted
  • We each want to know that we have a purpose in life
  • We desperately want to feel needed; not just tolerated
  • We want to create, thrive, grow and learn throughout our entire lifetime
  • To have a place in our family where we feel safe to expand our abilities and talents all the years we are alive
  • Have the freedom to choose our own path, provided it leads to a worthwhile honorable destination
  • To be loved, and to love others

In my novel, ‘A Mother’s Shadow I purposefully do not describe the main character Emily, so that anyone reading the book can identify with her.  She has her weaknesses and strengths, her trials and triumphs, just as we all do. I believe it is imperative that we work, daily, to appreciate our self and others for how we look, our talents and skills, as well as those of one another.  We are all the same core just as the gloves under the beautiful decorations.  All of us need love, encouragement, hope and occasional help to become our very best. 

Glove 3

Oh, just imagine the change in our family, our neighborhood – the world even, if we could look past our own prejudices, insecurities and fears to love OUR SELF and EACH OTHER! 

  • To appreciate what we are!
  • To embrace our own talents and look to improve a little at a time
  • Trying to truly understand that we ARE unique and amazing
  • Not to get caught up in what our bodies ‘must look like’ (outside of health reasons) to conform to what others dictate
  • Using care to not get caught up in our ‘own little world’ to see who may need our help
  • To look at another person and see the hand of God, His creation, His child and treat them as such
  • To look in the mirror and see the hand of God, His creation, His child and treat our self as such

I sincerely believe that violence and evil, in all its ugly forms, would cease if this very simple, yet incredibly selfless act would be the focus of our life.  We can appreciate our worth and our importance.   We would be a beacon of hope and example of a life to emulate, as we appreciate our own value, and that of each other.Glove 5

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Carrie and although I have never quite thought of it this way, your glove theory definitely makes sense and holds water. Thanks for sharing and giving me some much needed and added fool for thought this Monday ;)

  2. Well said again Carrie! Reading your blog is like having a morning devotional. It helps me think about what I need to work on to be more like Christ. This world would be truly different if we all understood how valuable a person’s life is. How God made everyone? How violence is not the answer? How much we are all loved by God? How God has an amazing plan for our lives if only we seek out the talents and abilities He placed in us before we were born.

    Thanks for reminding me what is important.
    Many blessings this week,
    Diane Roark

  3. Carrie Darlin’ ,, your glove comparison reminded me of something my dad , your Grandpa used to say.

    All girls are pretty , some are just prettier than others , but they are all pretty :)

  4. Hello cute lady! This looks so amazing. What a sweet idea. Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by and party with us. It wouldn’t be a party without you! I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. Lou Lou Girls

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