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EASY Water Games for EVERYONE

Water Games for ALL Ages

It's Water Fun for all ages

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Water Games for ALL Ages

It’s Water Fun for all ages

 Summer is time for  WATER PARTIES and that’s another term for FUN! 

It is inexpensive, terrific for ALL ages, low preparation and makes great memories. 

I have some games and activities for you to have your own WATER PARTY, and everyone will have a blast!

Water Balloon Toss

Mom is a better catch than this, but it depends on the thrower.  Walter Balloon Toss

Notice how prepared her son is, hahaha, the goggles are upside down.

Watter balloon tossI love how the balloon is going behind her, heeheeWater baloon TossWow, taking turns, how did she talk them into that?Balloon Toss

Batting the Water Balloons

If you don’t enjoy filling up all those tiny balloons and then trying to tie them off and pinching your fingers, THIS is the perfect solution.

For an over-sized plastic bat, HERE is a great one.


This was a fav!  We filled the balloons with water, tied on varying length of string then tied them to the swing set bar.

Each kid took a turn with a bat. 

If you have older kids, simple tie it to a higher bar/blindfold them to make it even more difficult. 

What a fun game for adults and teens too!Water Balloon Battle Batter Up!

Water play

Let’s Get Wet! Water games and fun

SWWIINNGGGG batter! Working on getting contact.Water Balloon BattleOh, look at that concentration!Water Balloon Battle

Water Gun Squirting Game

Line up VERY LIGHT WEIGHT cups. 

Each participant was given a filled squirt gun and there was a bucket of water near by to refill the cups easily as they were shot over. 

One, two, three and shoot away!!!  Love the stance of each, lol

HERE are some really awesome squirt guns you might want to check out –

water gun Click to see the Slip ‘n Slide – it’s always in style.Slip and slideMy daughter-in-law Tawni brought along her slip ‘n slide and they kids had a great time with it.

Slip and slide

Water FUN Play

Water FUN Play

Don’t forget the old stand by water games – they are still around for a reason!


A few options for this relay are:

With the buckets, fill one with water and divide the kids into teams.  You will need 2 buckets per team for this game and one spoon.

The filled buckets are placed by the team and all are lined up behind the bucket, with each team about 5 feet apart from each other.

The empty bucket, one per team, is placed about 10 feet from the filled bucket and from the lined up team members.

At the GO the first person on each team dips their spoon into the water, races to the empty bucket to empty the water (whatever is left after running, lol) and races back to hand the spoon to the next person in line, the goes to the back of the line.  The other team is doing the same. 

The race is over when the filled bucket is empty.  Only put as much water in the bucket as appropriate for the age playing the game.

The other option for this game is to do this with the water balls.  Instead of using the spoon, the ball is dipped into the water, squeezed out into the empty bucket at the other end, then handed off to the next player.DSC_1396SPONTANEOUS FUN

Sometimes the best is just letting the kids have fun with the sprinklers, buckets and whatever is out!Water Play 1Just look at those smiles!

Water PlayWater Play 11












For more Water Balloon Fun click HERE


is another fun game for all ages



Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

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  1. What great ideas and we still have two weeks left here before school starts and it is still also pretty warm here. So am totally up for trying a few of these, especially the swing one. Thanks Carrie 😉

  2. Diane Roark says:


    This water party looks like so much fun. When my kids were younger we made a homemade slip and slide many times. They had a blast. I love seeing your pictures of all the smiling faces.

  3. Tasha says:

    I seriously need to bring my kiddos to your house Carrie…never a dull moment!

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