Hop Scotch
Hop Scotch


Have you ever played HOP SCOTCH?  I’ll bet your parents and grandparents did.  Make sure to pass it down and teach your kids.  It’s a terrific game for ALL ages!

Hop Scotch has been a popular game for generations all around the world.  How long since you played? 

It’s a fabulous way to teach so many skills such as how to hop, skip, toss, accuracy, and it is just plain fun. 

Did you know it has been around for hundreds of years, and reportedly even for thousands of years going back to Roman soldiers training for battle. Let’s get started!

How to Play Hop Scotch

Supplies – 




To Prepare:

1- There are so many ways to draw a Hop Scotch grid, this is the way we do ours, but HERE is a site for other options. Also, this is a book you can order of ways it is played around the world HERE

2- Draw your choice of grid with chalk on the driveway OR you can use masking tape on the carpet inside when the weather is inclement.

Make sure the squares are large enough to fit the foot easily into

3- Each player will need a ‘Marker’ which can be a rock, coin, ‘Ta’, anything.

To Start:

1- First player will toss their marker into the first square (the square with the #1 drawn in it) without landing on the border or bounding out.

If the marker does not land in the right square, it is the next players turn.  Continue if you are playing alone.

Hop Scotch


2- Hop through the squares on ONE foot SKIPPING the square your marker is in going up the Hop Scotch grid. Only one foot can be on the ground at one time unless two squares are together then both feet hit the ground at the same time.

3- If you step outside the lines, hop on the wrong square or step on the line you lose your turn.

4- Turn at the end of the grid to face the opposite direction so you can go back down the grid and WITHOUT STEPPING outside the lines, squares or on the lines.

Hop Scotch1

5- Hop back down the grid in reverse order in the same fashion. 

6- When you get to the square JUST BEFORE THE ONE with your marker, bend down, standing on ONE FOOT, lean down and pick up the marker.

7- Skip over that square and finish the grid.

8- Repeat this process, tossing the marker to the next square.  For example, this time the marker would be thrown into the #2 square.

9- If a mistake is made by tossing the marker into the wrong square, onto a line, outside the grid.  Or if when hopping down the grid a player steps on the line, outside the grid, puts a foot down when they shouldn’t, steps in a box they shouldn’t, etc, it is the next player’s turn and so forth.

10- The first player to toss their marker into all the squares, completing the hop scotch grid successfully wins!

If you want to play this FUN game indoors on a rainy day, I found some GREAT options for you to consider: *THIS  and

*THIS one grab these Bean Bags and

THIS are some great options for hours of entertainment and exercise inside!  

*The first TWO can be used outside for easy set up and take down anywhere, camping, picnic, family reunion, wherever!

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