Halloween Candy Lei
Halloween Candy Lei

EASY, QUICK and SIMPLE!   This is the perfect SWEET for kids and teens to make for their friends or themself.

It is also a terrific gift for a parent or grandparent to make as a TREAT (no tricks involved) for the grand kids.



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This Halloween 10″ mesh ribbon/tulle would work well for small and larger size. 

If using mini candy, this regular 6″ Halloween tulle netting works well.

Curling ribbon in your choice of color

Candy, but small enough to fit in tulle netting


Place candy in center of tulle.Halloween Candy Lei 1Take one side of the tuelle of the candy.Halloween Candy Lei 2Wrap the other side of the tuelle over the candy.Halloween Candy Lei 3Tie curling ribbon close to the candy to hold in securely so it won’t fall out. 

Option: tie candy into the ribbon if it it too large to hold securely.Halloween Candy Lei 4Curl the ribbon.

Tie the ends of the tuelle together in a square knot to form a lei.

Another option is to loop one end and have it more of a hanging type of candy holder as shown below.Halloween Candy Lei 5

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