Spider Frame
Spider Frame

Here’s a friendly Spidey Frame that is adorable and perfect for the door, the mantle, table or anywhere you want. 

Easy to make and fun to have around!


 Friendly Spidery Web Frame


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Wooden frame, 8×11″ or your choice of size –  like these

Cotton String

Green paint of your choice,  HERE is an  Olive Green

Sponge brush

Decorations as desired, here are ideas:  THIS ONE or THESE

Hot glue gun



Paint the frame with the green and let dry completely.

Begin with a drop of hot glue and with the string at the top of the frame.
Spider Frame 2With the string taut, now make a spoke wheel with the string, still one piece. 

You can see the pattern here on the back.
Spider Frame 3
Then go around the spoke strings to make a web pattern.Spider Frame 4

Attach your embellishments.

Now where to display this spooky spider frame – on the door or shelf?  Maybe we will have to make more!Spider Frame 5For another easy wreath, click HEREHalloween wreath

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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