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Service Opportunities

Service is one of the greatest gifts we have to give each other and our-self. In fact, did you know there are physical and psychological benefits to volunteering?  I'll explain, along with sharing a funny experience a when I offered aka volunteered my mom's couch for the high school parade.  Come read about it all HERE.

Have you wondered where is the best use of your time, talents and skills when it comes to volunteering?  There are MANY wonderful organizations and people that need YOU! I have a few here that I believe are worthwhile; that you can read about and click on the links.

Read the latest project details in the RED BOX at the bottom of this page. 

Just Serve

This easy to navigate site if you want a one-time, or regular service opportunities. Looking for yourself, your family or a group of friends to do? This is the place! Have a small budget, or the skies the limit, there WILL be perfect fit and your time and skills are needed!

Click HERE for the site

What is Just Serve: It is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations are posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in their own community. It links everyone together in a perfect way!

Humanitarian Projects

​Everyone deserves clean water and you can help give that gift!  Visit this site by clicking HERE:      for ways to donate or give resources so everyone in the world will have access to water that is close and pure.  Watch the video, and you can see more like it on the site by searching for 'clean water'. 

Days For Girls

I was very surprised to learn that in some places in the world girls were not allowed at school, or even out of their homes during ‘that time of the month’ because they did not have access to products, or the education of what and why it happens. Please visit their site and see "What We Do' HERE then watch their videos: See Days Girls In Action.  Very powerful!

For their site click HERE

Operation Underground Railroad

Right from their site is this shocking information: “Human Trafficking is a $150 Billion industry worldwide. That’s enough money to buy the entire Starbucks franchise, every team in the NBA, and still have enough to send every kid in the U.S. to college.”

I was first introduced to Operation Underground Railroad at a blog conference where the movie “The Abolitionists” was being shown. I was appalled! This is a tragedy that occurs all over the United States and in every single place in the world – every day to helpless, defenseless children. There is much to be done by educating ourselves, being courageous enough to stop this horrendous evil and working with this organization as we can. Every little bit helps in this cause

To visit the O.U.R site, click HERE to read about it's amazing success and mission.


Click HERE for more information about what we are doing with yard sales!

Ways to Volunteer

How Can YOU Help?

Please tell me if you have participated. NOT a $ amount contributed, just how many helped out and we will have a number posted here of all who are helping in THIS project. Email me at [email protected]