Meals on Wheels

November, 2o14

Guess what’s up my sleeve? Each month I will be featuring a service project that we can participate in as A Mother’s Shadow’s (AMS) Friends.  This is going to be so awesome as we spread friendship and kindness all over the universe!  Ok, how about just the world, lol.  To kick it all off, this month’s service is easy, inexpensive and will be immensely appreciated.  So, what is it you ask?


Well, you may have seen the little vans that are marked ‘Meals on Wheels’ and wondered what they do, or possibly maybe benefited from their service yourself. Meals on Wheels is a national (USA) organization.  It works like this:  cities or counties are assigned a local office, which arrange for meals to be delivered to the home bound, elderly, or anyone who may need assistance in this manner.  A hot meal is delivered for lunch, with a sack-lunch type of meal being left for dinner.  Many of the recipients of these meals live alone, and the only contact with people are the drivers-deliverers of these meals during the week. 

I contacted my local office to see if there was a need for greeting cards to be delivered with the meals.  Ann, the office manager, was thrilled with the prospect that AMS readers would be so generous to consider serving others in this way.

If you are interested (and I truly hope you are) in getting together with friends, a church group, youth, family, or even while watching tv, to make some homemade cards, OR purchase them, here are the details:

What should the cards look like:

  • Cards must be generic for a man or woman.
  • No need for envelope
  • Cards should be 6″x8″ or smaller
  • Cards can be simple or ornate
  • Cards are not to be holiday or special occasion oriented, making them usable all year long
  • Purchased ‘thinking of you’ cards would be perfect
  • Print and glue in or write a message on the inside such as: “Thinking of You”, “Have a nice day”, “Keep that Awesome Smile Showing”, etc.
  • Do NOT personalize it in any form, such as happy birthday or themed in any way – such as holiday, etc.

What do I do with the cards:

  • Send cards to ME.  Email me for address at:    [email protected] and please put “SERVICE” in the subject line, and I will be HAPPY to deliver them for you
  • Send cards directly to the Davis County Meals on Wheels office – information below
  • Send them to your own Meals on  Wheels agency -you will want to contact them first to make sure they are interested

Please spread the word on your fb, instagram, other social media and twitter with  #amothersshadow    #CardsOnWheels  #amsSERVICE

If you have any questions or ideas, please ask me!  Let’s see if we can gather at least 50 cards between all of us before Nov. 30th.  What do ya think?

This note is from Ann to give  her information on Meals On Wheels

Good morning. My name is Ann Workman and I am the Office Manager for the North Davis Senior Activity Center. Our center is responsible for the distribution of Meals on Wheels to the elderly that reside in Clearfield, Clinton, Sunset, South Weber, and parts of Syracuse and Layton, Utah. I’ve had several opportunities to fill in for drivers and runners (those people who “run” the meal to the door). I have never been on a route yet that I haven’t heard very heart-felt gratitude for the meals delivered and the people who deliver them. Our volunteers are frequently the only people some of the elderly see during the day. The reasons are many-family lives far away, no children to take care of them, family members still work and can only care for them on the weekends, children don’t care. They are delighted when we come through the door and many try to delay the volunteers so they won’t leave too quickly. In order to qualify for the program they can no longer drive so that means they become very dependent on others for everything from shopping to Dr’s. visits. Our runners also check on them to make sure they are all right. A card would mean contact from another person who took the time to care. It would mean a smile and a warm thought. But most importantly it would mean an additional portion of love that, as humans, we can never get enough of.

Ann Workman
Office Manager
North Davis Senior Activity Center
Davis County Health Department

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow 2014

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