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I know I am better when I serve and that's OK!
It is bad to want the benefits of helping others?


Is VOLUNTEERING important?  Is SERVING really that big of a deal?

With our busy life’s and all we have to do

  • WHY should we serve?
  • WHY should we volunteer?
  • HOW does it help us?



It IS about ME too!

Let’s start with stress and how volunteering helps in this area, because, let’s face it; who doesn’t have worry in their life.

I read recently that when we reach out to help others, our bodies release a hormone which buffers stress and helps us maintain social trust and tranquility.  It said that other chemicals our bodies produce when serving like dopamine, which is a natural mood-elevating neurotransmitter; which push aside negative emotions and reduce stress levels.  
  •  Is there another benefit?
  •  Less pain is on the on the list.
This is very interesting.  I found a study done by volunteers who reported their pain to drop 2-6 points on a scale of 0-10 when serving regularly The reason stated was that volunteering takes our mind off our pain and also makes us feel more in control of the discomfort and our situation Also, it is proven that those who are volunteering are more physically active and have better health.
  • Volunteering helps us think about others and not focus so much our own troubles 
Reduces Mild Depression and Anxiety
This study was done with Alcoholics Anonymous which found, that those who volunteered regularly were twice as likely to stay clean a year later and their depression rates were correspondingly lower as well.
AND in many cases, mild depression is linked to isolation, so volunteering keeps a person in regular contact with others; as well as develops a social support system.

You realize how amazing DIVINE and Unique YOU are as you SERVE & VOLUNTEER!

Increases Self-Confidence

  • When you do good in your community by helping individuals, this provides a natural sense of accomplishment for you
  •  It gives a feeling of pride, as well as a positive view of your life and future goals. 
  •  If you’ve lost a spouse, or your kids are older and have moved on with their own lives, or possibly your circumstances have changed? Serving can help take your mind off of your own situation. It can keep your mind mentally stimulated and add a new perspective that you had not before imagined.
  •  Serving breathes new life and possibilities into your soul. It opens new doors, adventures and paths that you had never even considered before. As you lose yourself, by serving others, you fill find yourself.

We can ask this and be honest – we are friends here.

  • Is volunteering ALWAYS beneficial?
  • What if no one says thank you, should I still help?
  • If there is never any recognition for the good you do should you continue?


A resounding YES, YES and YES!!!!  

I’ll give you ten reasons why, but we could go for pages and pages:

  1. It helps us overcome loneliness
  2. We learn new hobbies and skills
  3. Gives us purpose and direction
  4. Increases (or provides) social skills and interactions
  5. It’s just plain fun
  6. It helps you stay physically active because you have to get out of the house, since others are counting on you to help them
  7. Can take away (or alleviate) feelings of anxiety, depression or even anger at circumstances in life
  8. In a poll by the National Volunteering Network, 98% of respondents said volunteering has made them happier people*
  9. Volunteering has proven to lower blood pressure, help a person to eat healthier and exercise regularly**
  10. Even when it isn’t recognized personally, the kindness is ALWAYS appreciated!  If not by the person directly, it is by a family member, the volunteer direction, clergy – and always by God.


What do you think about this quote from Albert Schweitzer:


Albert Schweitzer said: 'The Only Really Happy People Are Those Who Have Learned How To Serve'Click To Tweet

We live in a very tumultuous world right now.  Even our families can be one of chaos and our lives can be filled with sorrow. 

However we can still have PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS despite everything that is going on around us.  We can bring blessings on our loved ones and families, when we serve with a sincere heart, and without expectation of reward.



'We can have pure JOY & HAPPINESS even if our life has sorrow, when we serve and help others.' Carrie GronemanClick To Tweet


HOW can we become HAPPY no matter what our circumstance?

Happiness comes by serving with a PURE heart.  So the ultimate benefit of serving is by becoming happy – and that WE CHANGE.
Isn’t that what we are here for?  To change for the better? To LEARN and BECOME what God intends?  And the best way to do that, is to reach outside our self, even when it’s the MOST inconvenient. That’s when we are shaped and molded for the BETTER, when it’s not easy.
HOW much does it take?
What if we can’t travel to another country to build a school? Or contribute a large amount of money? Or retire and give our time to a cause?

Mother Teresa said: “We can do no great things – only small things with great love,”

Mother Teresa said: 'We can do no great things - only small things with great love.'Click To Tweet

Now this is a woman to listen to.  She made a difference in millions of lives, one person at a time.


Think of it this way:

* When we serve, even the smallest act of kindness, such as opening a door for someone at the store. If you are doing it with a willing, cheerful heart, it changes us from within.
* When we serve with a willing attitude, we are saying – ‘Can I be of service to this person?’
* This change, this attitude, begins to wear down the wall of our natural selfishness. It erases our petty vain worries and shallow concerns. .
* Our self-centered tendencies that get in the way of assisting others are broken down, bit by bit.
Then over time:
  1. Every one those small acts of service
  2. The little kind acts we perform
WHEN done with a charitable attitude
  •  Transform us to be more Christ like.
  •  To be a more kinder person.  
  •  A more compassionate person.  
  •  A more charitable person.
  •  And better example and righteous disciple of Christ. 
 As we continue to serve, it becomes effortless and natural. A genuine happiness takes over our soul. This is how sincere joy floods our soul.

'Selfless service wears down selfishness and vain worries to transform our change, and our becoming what God intends.' Carrie GronemanClick To Tweet



How Do I Start?

Service can be so simple.  I will share one thing my mom, Connie Rasmussen, does to serve.  She purchases umbrellas from the dollar store to keep in her vehicle.  Then when it’s raining or snowing, she looks for opportunities to hand them out.  What a welcome relief for those who have been caught unaware in the storm.
Your Reward?
  • By serving with PURE love, you will discover unknown talents and abilities.
  •  As we continue to help, and serve without ulterior motives, we BECOME a nobler person. That is how we BECOME a more worthy shadow that our loved ones will trust to follow, and will want to exemplify.
  •  There are countless opportunities to be involved with. I hope you have been volunteering. Or, maybe now you are now motivated to, find a place to help with.
  • I hope you will consider the SERVICE Opportunities through JUST SERVE if they are in your area HERE.
Let us know what you are doing to make a positive difference and how it is changing you for the better!



Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.        

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017

pictures by Pixabay and Bundesarchiv, Bild 145 Bild-00014770 / CC-BY-SA