santa : Santa clause cartoon waving hand I want to say how much I appreciate the very patient and kind-hearted Santa’s and his helpers out there that sit for pictures with children for hours on end.  You all deserve your wish list and extra chocolate:) Do your kids like Santa?  It is interesting that we teach our children about ‘stranger-danger’ then plop them down onto the lap of a person with a huge white beard, a red suit and who looks like no one ever does any other day of the week; forget that it’s usually also an unfamiliar surrounding.  Then! We expect a ‘smile’ for a picture….. kinda odd when you think about it, but we all do it…. even bride for, heehee.

 This is a picture of me at about two years old.  Oh, that poor Santa….just look at the stoic expression on his face which says it all, “It’s another screamer” and “When is my shift over”?!Scan_20141212 My son and daughter took their kids to their church party and Santa made an appearance.  As they were getting the kids in line to sit on Santa’s lap , they couldn’t find their son.  Worried, they scoured the building looking for him.  My son drove home, just in case…  The young boy had walked the short way home and was there sitting on the porch.  He was not about to sit on that strangers lap!  Father and son talked about Santa, his helpers and their part of Christmas celebrations.  A few days later there was another chance to see Santa; and this time my grandson was totally on board, actually very excited to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him all the things he wanted for Christmas.Santa 1

At a recent family party I happened to be holding my granddaughter when her name was called to sit on Santa’s lap.  Can you see the resemblance between the grandma and grand daughter in the screaming expression?  heeheeSanta 2My Santa story that is the most repeated around my house is that year I had Santa fired.  See, all my kids were young, Stan was out of town and I had to take four kids all  alone to the mall to see Santa.  I had the two oldest in tow, and holding the two youngest.  When it was our turn, after standing in a long line, which did not help the situation I’m sure, I handed off my daughter Danitra of about two-and-a-half years old to the white bearded man, hoping for a picture.  She began to scream bloody murder.  The Santa had handed my little girl a candy cane and told her to quit crying, or he would take it away, to which made her wail all the louder.  I was taken aback and wasn’t quite sure how to respond, hoping he was just frustrated after a long day.  As my daughter screamed all the more, as I was juggling the baby in my arms I struggled to get my daughter off his lap; Santa actually took the candy cane back and set Danitra down on the floor. 

There was a hush that fell over the line of bystanders in disbelief and I was fuming!  I herded my kids out of the mall and as soon as we returned home I was on the phone with the mall management explaining what had happened.  The mall management called me the next day, explaining that Santa had been fired, and we were invited to a special breakfast with  the new, much nicer Santa and his elves.  It was pretty funny incident after the fact.  Moral of the story:  Santa’s we so appreciate all you do in kindness and patience, but do NOT mess with mama if you’re going to be mean to her kids!

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