Salt of the Earth Vase

Decorative Vase embellished with Epsom Salt
Salt of the Earth Vase

Salt of the Earth Vase

Our influence, though we may feel it is small, is potentially life changing for those we love, and for generations to come.

In keeping with this theme I wanted to create a visual craft that would be something beautiful to display as a reminder to make for yourself, a family member, a friend as a reminder of our rare beauty and purpose on this earth.

This vase is actually a glass from the dollar store that I sprayed  with adhesive, then covered with epson salt, and coated with spray gloss acrylic to protect and to keep the salt from falling off. 

I hope you enjoy making, gifting, and displaying this ornament as a celebration of our ability to cast a shadow of happiness and joy.

Salt Of The Earth Vase


Glass Vase, Cup or Charger

Painters Tape

Epson Salt

Spray Adhesive

Clear Gloss  Acrylic Spray (I used Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic/Gloss Cover Maxx Ultimate Coverage Indoor*Outdoor)

Ribbon, desired color, wired edges are best for forming bow

Glue dot

Stem of Flowers, desired color.  Cut apart from stem but keeping in varying lengths

2 Ready to Decorate Flat Bobby Pins (The package of 6 was under $2.00 at Walmart), optional

 Picture, optionalSalt Of The Earth Vase 1


Pour Epson salt into a jelly roll pan or any large pan with sides.Salt Of The Earth Vase 2Smooth out a bit.Salt Of The Earth Vase 3With the painters tape, wrap it around the top of the vase/glass to the desired width you wantSalt Of The Earth Vase 4Press down.  Don’t worry if it is not even on the edges, it will turn out just fine.Salt Of The Earth Vase 5Now repeat with the bottom of the vase/glass.Salt Of The Earth Vase 6Both the top and bottom will have tape pressed onto the glass like this:Salt Of The Earth Vase 7

With the spray adhesive (and disposable gloves would be a great idea, after thought here….)Salt Of The Earth Vase 8OUTDOORS spray the vase completely, turning while spraying covering it well.  Spray generously.Salt Of The Earth Vase 9Quickly roll in the pan of salt, pressing the salt into the glass making sure all the area is covered with the salt.Salt Of The Earth Vase 10

Salt Of The Earth Vase 11

Take the vase outside and spray well (again afterthought – gloves would be an excellent idea…just saying…) with the Clear Acrylic SpraySalt Of The Earth Vase 12

Salt Of The Earth Vase 13Allow it to sit OUTSIDE to dry for half an hour or so., then gently remove the painters tape, from both ends of the vase.Salt Of The Earth Vase 14Notice the lines of the salt are not perfectly straight which adds to the charm.
Salt Of The Earth Vase 15
Fill the glass with epson salt to the level of the top of the salt that is now permanently glued to the outside of vase.Salt Of The Earth Vase 16I really like how it turned out that you can see the salt from the bottom of the vase due to the tape being placed higher up on the glass.  If you like this look, keep this in mind when taping.Salt Of The Earth Vase 16

Tie a length of ribbon around the vase, then attach a glue dot at the back side (opposite from the bow) to keep the ribbon from slipping down.   Tie the bow. You can place another glue dot behind the bow if you’d like.
Salt Of The Earth Vase 17
Arrange the stems of flowers in the salt and cut into lengths to have varying heights for interest.Salt Of The Earth Vase 18If desired print off a picture and trim, leaving approximately 1/2″ border all around the picture.

Using the hair bobby pins – I bought a package of 6 silver ones in the area with the spools of ribbon at Walmart for approximately $2.00. Place one on each side of the picture.Darice 691673 Bobby Pins 6-Pack -Black Ready To Decorate

Salt Of The Earth Vase 19Attach the picture with the bobby pins to the side of the vase over the ribbon, just to the side of the bow.  A special thanks to my beautiful sister for allowing me to share her picture with you.Salt Of The Earth Vase 20

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

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  1. LOVE this craft! I did some Faux iced winter branches on my blog this week using spray adhesive and Epsom salts. No need for the sealer with the branches. Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday. Please be sure to come back Sunday night for the new party.

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