Parents Strike Back


Just before Halloween, one of my sons played a trick on Stan and me by leaving 82 pumpkins for us, everywhere! Click HERE to see what he did and what we did with all of those pumpkins!  

Well…..Stan and I have been planning a little trick to tease them back a bit. 

We gathered together 58 or 59 boxes (I lost count) and in 10 of the boxes we put treats, and in 10 we put a Walmart gift cards, each with a whopping $1 loaded on it – big budget….what can I say.  Parents Strike Back 1Every single box was filled with crumpled newspaper, packing supplies or confetti; we have a great paper shredder by the wayParents Strike Back 2After preparing for our ‘trick’, we volunteered to tend their boys while they went on a date.

After they left, we executed our strike back. 

While I watched the kiddos, Stan went to their house to ‘take care of business’. 

He placed one box, which was filled very full with confetti braced precariously at the front door so when they entered, it would spill out.Parents Strike Back 3The boxes were in the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom –  all over every bit of the house.Parents Strike Back 4We didn’t make it too messy—- just enough for the grandboys to have fun in – Parents Strike Back 7Which we didn’t plan, but it was a  great side benefit.  hahahahaParents Strike BackThey found the goodies in all the chaos!Parents Strike Back 8Tag, You’re it!!!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013

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  1. Carrie,

    You could live this trick at my house, NOT the 82 HEAVY pumpkins. It sounds like you all have a lot of fun. I am worried that they will get you back this week.
    Diane Roark

  2. So great!!
    One time my husband and I completely flipped my Mom’s living room. Everything on the opposite wall. After her shock, she thought it was hilarious.

    • HA! Did she scream, or stand in silence? That is a great joke!!! I love that idea. Thanks for sharing with us, it’s always so fun to hear what others are doing to tease in such good natured ways. You’re fabulous:)

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