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ABOUT – Carrie

About Carrie

I began this blog to share life lessons I’ve learned over the years; some the easy way and some came more difficult. I love to draw analogies from everyday life; which I call MUSINGS, and are a central part of my blog.

I believe that the more talents, abilities and knowledge we obtain, our life is improved incredibly, and it becomes the vehicle for which we can share and help others. That is why I have The LOST ART SERIES.

Cooking has always been a joy since I have a large family, and of course that is easily seen in the RECIPE section.

Service is essential to a truly joyful life. I have a section where you can find opportunities to help others. As A Mother’s Shadow community, we will work on projects together, and there will always be individual and family opportunities for you to choose from. That is in the SERVICE icon on the main page.

You are always welcome, come on in and let’s visit. Hopefully you'll leave refreshed and ready for life's little challenges that we can work on together as we are friends at A Mother's Shadow.  Carrie


About My Books, My Posts, Recipes

or anything you’d like to chat about!

Carrie Groneman, USA

c[email protected]

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In the logo of A Mother’s Shadow, there are three heads: an older woman, a middle aged woman and a younger woman. Isn't it interesting that they are in the reversed order than you would expect?

Let me ask you to close your eyes and envision yourself in say...30, 40 or 50 years from now....

  1. What will you be like?
  2. Will you be surrounded by friends and family?
  3. Will you be happy and serving others despite your physical capacity?
  4. What will your connections with your family members be like?
  5. ​Will you be full of peace and joy?
  6. Will you bring contentment and happiness to others?
  7. Will you be the one reaching out and serving?
  8. Will you be a role model of how to persevere even in difficult times, while showing grace, dignity and courage?
  9. Will others see you as a person who truly cares about them over 'things?
  10. What are true morals and center grounding?  Others do, or eventually will see us for what we actually are.  Our true self always come through.

The reason why I ask you these thought-provoking questions, consider: our daily life’s thoughts and actions, really do lead to what we will BECOME and what we are now. 

At A Mother's Shadow the goal is to look at what our life is right now, where we are going and make changes for NOW - and in the future - we are truly happy and have a legacy of respect, trust and integrity.  There is no greater treasure than honor and righteousness. 

ABOUT My Site/Blog

ABOUT A Mother's Shadow

My Site/Blog

Have you found yourself reading your phone or computer screen and lost track of time, realizing that it's been over an hour?  So WHY should you give your valuable time to me?

* Why is THIS site unique?

* What IS this blog about?

* Is it going to be worth MY time to read these posts? 

My goal is to remind you that you are EXTRAORDINARY!

I say remind, because as children we KNOW how amazing we are!  We can conquer the world!  We can DO anything!  BE anything!

Then somewhere along the path, we tend to forget...

However, it doesn't change the fact that YOU are still UNIQUE, one of a kind and the only person on the planet with YOUR gifts and talents!

As you come to read A Mother's Shadow, to help you remember your remarkable significance, you will find:

  1. How to become a truly happy person; even in an unhappy world.
  2. Techniques to help you achieve your goals and learn life skills.
  3. Self-Reliance is key to freedom. It's such an important component for independence, self-assurance and a better life. You will find many resources here to become more self-sufficient.
  4. Strong family relationships are essential to a healthy life. We innately want to be loved, and to love others. In a family, regardless of how we are related, we desire to nurture others, be strengthen and we all want to be needed. The lessons learned in a family setting are invaluable as we teach: morals, ethics and so much more. I'll also show you what a great job you're doing!
  5. Healthy dating associations are critical as you make the best choice in whom to marry. You’ll find tips when asking out a date, why to date and not just hang out, what to look for in a person as you consider a serious relationship, group date ideas and more.
  6. Marriage can be bliss or a place of disappointment. The greatest gift you can give to your children, is to love your spouse and show by example that your marriage is the highest priority. I have some ways to improve your relationship and be yourself too!
  7. If you want to learn to cook, have dabbled at it, or are very experienced, there are recipes galore. Even specialty ones, including some to make outdoors
  8. These are some of the topics that I share at A Mother’s Shadow.  I sincerely want you to leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and encouraged, as friends always are after spending a few minutes or so together.  Please let me know if there is a subject that I can address that will benefit you or your family and I will do my best to help. Thank you so much for stopping by.  Carrie  [email protected]

    Thank you Than

Carrie Groneman is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


Service Opportunities

Service is one of the greatest gifts we have to give each other and our-self. In fact, did you know there are physical and psychological benefits to volunteering?  I'll explain, along with sharing a funny experience a when I offered aka volunteered my mom's couch for the high school parade.  Come read about it all HERE.

Have you wondered where is the best use of your time, talents and skills when it comes to volunteering?  There are MANY wonderful organizations and people that need YOU! I have a few here that I believe are worthwhile; that you can read about and click on the links.

Read the latest project details in the RED BOX at the bottom of this page. 

Just Serve

This easy to navigate site if you want a one-time, or regular service opportunities. Looking for yourself, your family or a group of friends to do? This is the place! Have a small budget, or the skies the limit, there WILL be perfect fit and your time and skills are needed!

Click HERE for the site

What is Just Serve: It is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations are posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in their own community. It links everyone together in a perfect way!

Humanitarian Projects

​Everyone deserves clean water and you can help give that gift!  Visit this site by clicking HERE:      for ways to donate or give resources so everyone in the world will have access to water that is close and pure.  Watch the video, and you can see more like it on the site by searching for 'clean water'. 

Days For Girls

I was very surprised to learn that in some places in the world girls were not allowed at school, or even out of their homes during ‘that time of the month’ because they did not have access to products, or the education of what and why it happens. Please visit their site and see "What We Do' HERE then watch their videos: See Days Girls In Action.  Very powerful!

For their site click HERE

Operation Underground Railroad

Right from their site is this shocking information: “Human Trafficking is a $150 Billion industry worldwide. That’s enough money to buy the entire Starbucks franchise, every team in the NBA, and still have enough to send every kid in the U.S. to college.”

I was first introduced to Operation Underground Railroad at a blog conference where the movie “The Abolitionists” was being shown. I was appalled! This is a tragedy that occurs all over the United States and in every single place in the world – every day to helpless, defenseless children. There is much to be done by educating ourselves, being courageous enough to stop this horrendous evil and working with this organization as we can. Every little bit helps in this cause

To visit the O.U.R site, click HERE to read about it's amazing success and mission.


Click HERE for more information about what we are doing with yard sales!

Ways to Volunteer

How Can YOU Help?

Please tell me if you have participated. NOT a $ amount contributed, just how many helped out and we will have a number posted here of all who are helping in THIS project. Email me at [email protected]


About A Mother's Shadow and Me

Carrie Groneman Contact Page Profile Photo

Having a site means many things to bloggers, and I'd like to tell you about mine.

  1. To learn more about My site/blog, and the purpose of it, Click HERE
  2. So why does my Logo have the heads of three women in it? Click HERE
  3. I love my Tagline: LEARN * PRACTICE * BECOME   I'll explain all about it, Click HERE
  4. Do you know why the word SHADOW is in my site/blog name? It IS an interesting choice.  I'll tell you more about it Click HERE
  5. If you'd like to get to know me a little bit more, click HERE