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“John, I’d like to knock sense into that blasted head of yours! It didn’t seem to help before, but maybe this time…” Harry’s voice was gruff as he freed one hand holding on to John’s shirt. Then pulled his fist back as far as he was able, as though gaining all possible leverage for a hard punch.

“Now wait Harry!” sniveled John, and he looked as if he were going to cry.

“Now wait Harry!” sniveled John, and he looked as if he were going to cry.

“Wait, for what? Are you going to pay McCleary? Are you going to make up the time we’ve lost due to your idiocy? Are you going to share your crops if we don’t have enough planting season left? What can you do John besides lie, take advantage, cheat and look out for yourself?”

“Umm…..it’s not like that,” John blubbered.

Harry released John with a hard shove, causing John to fall squarely to the ground with a thud.


A Mother's Shadow​

Emily Cross is a pioneer in every sense of the word. Navigating a new marriage, as well as journeying to unsettled territory in the early 1800s United States, she has many lessons to learn. Through the indescribable joys, along with profound heartache, Emily grows closer to, and knowing God. Emily’s story provides inspiration for prevailing through hard times with dignity, faith, and courage. Each chapter has a section that will urge readers to live a better life and how to leave a noble legacy for generations to come. Part historical fiction, part self-help, A MOTHER’S SHADOW will prompt readers to live a richer, Christian-centered life. Come along as we learn more about our self while we follow Emily’s adventures in the early 19th century America.  See what two of my readers have to say.

L Loaiza

I loved this book! It was written in such a unique way with self-improvement sections weaved through the story. As a newly married young woman, I could relate to many of the experiences, even though it was a different time period, and the self-improvement sections made it more than just a novel. Absolutely loved it!

J Meza

I love this book! It is one that I can read again and again. It has simple but elegant reminders of the things that we should already be doing. Some of them we know and some we might not know. This story is well written in a time period that is intriguing to find out about with principals that we can relate to todays trials. The writer was truly inspired to write so beautifully about such a tough topic. This is a must read for all, but especially those young married couples or about to marry. This book will guide you to "Choose the Right" in a whole new way.

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