01 Derek on Bike

Does Fear Rule?  Do worries stop your progress? Does fright hinder your tremendous ability to be a greater influence for good? 

When my oldest son Derek was just about to turn four years old, all he wanted was a two-wheeled bike and to learn how to ride it. The other kids in the apartment complex had bikes, and though they were older, he did not want to ride his ‘Big Wheel’ anymore.

Luckily, my husband Stan was able to get a deal on a used bike from a coworker. At night, when Derek and his brother were asleep, Stan went about fixing up a bike; attaching bmx handles, replaced the old banana seat with a bmx seat, spray painted it black, and painted a decal of Derek’s name on the chain cover.

Finally, the day arrived for Derek’s birthday and he was thrilled to have the bike! Stan had affixed training wheels, hoping they would work as they were made for another style of bike, but all that was available. Derek jumped on the bike to ride, but the training wheels became a problem. After a few attempts the training wheels would not stay attached at all. I had just happened to pick up a magazine geared for families, when I noticed an article with instructions for teaching kids how to ride a bike (turn into the fall and they do not fall!). I hurried to show it to Stan. They were both frustrated with the training wheel issue by this point, so

Stan read the article, took off the training wheels and was able to teach Derek how to ride a bike in about 10 minutes. The point of my story is, that when Derek first asked about riding a ‘big boy bike’ I was nervous. He was not very old and I had images in my mind of him getting hit by a car while trying to steer the bike, I was sure we would have to go to the emergency room for stitches, broken bones or worse…my list went on and on. Stan, on the other hand, had the attitude that if Derek wanted to learn, let him. Never hold back a child, teen or adult from trying.

They may get hurt, but they will not learn to succeed and accomplish hard things if always protected and sheltered. He was very wise. All these years later, I still try to incorporate that lesson into my own life. How do I allow fear to determine my decisions? I may get scrapped a bit, but the end result far outweighs not taking the risk.  Most often our greatest growth takes place while on the journey to the desired goal. Do you ever have anxiety or are afraid to allow your loved ones, or particularly yourself, from progressing due to imagined or even realistic setbacks or struggles? My tagline is: learn, practice, become.

  • It IS noble to learn new skills and principles that will make us better.
  • It IS inspiring, for ourselves and loved ones, to practice those things that will improve our life – though we may get scraped or even banged a little in the process.
  • It IS grand and magnificent to allow ourselves to become an extraordinary example.
  • My goal, and maybe yours, will be to extend our scope and reach, despite any concerns.   This will allow us to have a fuller scope of influence for decency and correct values.

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.