Masculine Birthday Cards
Masculine Birthday Cards

My good friend Dorthy has THREE perfect cards to make for men that is not fluffy or feminine.

These are economical, personal and easy to make up a few while you’re at it.

Thank you Dorthy for sharing with us once again!

Manly Birthday Card


1    8 ½” cardstock

18 – 20    1  5/8” X 1 ¼” printed and solid papers to coordinate *

Paper glue (glue stick is fine for this project)

Paper cutter or ruler and scissors

Printed greeting or purchased sticker


Cut out all pieces. Even though this card is easy, it looks better if the pieces are cut evenlybday card 1


Fold card stock in half

Choose nine pieces of paper and arrange them on the front of the card being careful to space them evenly. You may have to trim a little bit here or there. Glue down. At this point you may have to cut the card to make it even.

Choose three or four more pieces of paper and cut them to 1” X 1 3/8” and place them on top of the bottom layer.

I did three and did a diagonal from top to bottom. You can do whatever you wish. Glue these down centering them over bottom layer.

Choose three or four more and cut them to ¾” X 1 1/8” and place them over the second layer. Glue down.

Print your greeting (I used Jokerman 22) and glue on the front of the card or place your purchased sticker on the front. I tore mine instead of cutting it.bday card 2

Tada…Easy peasy!

Here are 2 more ideas for a birthday card for the man in your life.Man b-day card 2Man b-day card 3

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